Female Alopecia – Information, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Options

Female Alopecia

2.-Growth cycles
3.-Main Causes
4.-Secondary Causes
5.-Topical therapies
6.-Oral therapies
7.-Cosmetic therapies


With totally different colours, types and variations, younger or mature, male or feminine, the hair has an necessary function in an individual’s picture.

While promoting for merchandise that “strengthen the hair” are nearly at all times male-oriented, it might appear that ladies don’t undergo from alopecia. The actuality is that over two thirds of girls face the challenges of hair-loss in some unspecified time in the future of their lives.

Many girls discover this very disturbing, maybe greater than males. In addition, the feminine physiology is exclusive, and elements corresponding to menstrual cycles, being pregnant and menopause are notably necessary.

For some girls, hair loss could be genetic; nevertheless, most of the causes of feminine hair loss are treatable.

Without a doubt, the bodily look of girls relies upon drastically on their hair. For many ladies, their hair is an indication of youth and vitality.

Hair construction:

The exterior portion of the hair, known as the stem, is the a part of the hair that we see and fashion. In actuality it’s lifeless tissue produced by hair follicles, small bag-formed constructions situated deep within the scalp. Each hair is enclosed inside a follicle.

The common head has 100,000 hairs. At the bottom of the follicle is the oval formed root, which is liable for the expansion of hair. In the decrease portion of that is the papilla, which incorporates blood capillaries that present blood to every hair.

As hair grows, the cells transfer in the direction of the floor of the pores and skin and grow to be a protein known as keratin, being changed by new cells. Keratin is identical protein discovered within the nails.

The stem consists of three layers: the cuticle, the cortex and medulla. The cuticle, or outer layer, consists of small cells generally known as scales. The cuticle serves as a case for the cortex, the thickest portion of the stem, composed of cells organized within the type of tobacco leaves. The cortex holds the pigment that offers hair its coloration. The medulla consists of cells with the type of a case and is situated within the heart. The areas between cells within the medulla affect the refraction of sunshine in tone and hair.

Glands and muscle mass

The hair is lubricated by oily secretions from the sebaceous glands, situated on the perimeters of most follicles. Surrounding these glands and the remainder of the follicle, there are teams of muscle mass (arrector pili) that permit the hair to face up when an individual is chilly or afraid.

Cycles of progress

The common head has 100,000 hairs. Hair grows and is renewed repeatedly. Normally, 50 to 100 hairs fall out day-after-day. If there are not any issues, this loss will almost certainly go un-observed.

Hair grows about 1 cm per thirty days, though this progress declines as we age. Every hair in your head stays there for about two to 6 years, and throughout most of this time it’s rising. When the hair is older it enters a resting stage through which it stays on the pinnacle, however stops rising. At the top of this part the hair falls out. Typically, the follicle replaces the hair in about six months, however many elements can disrupt this cycle. The end result could also be that the hair falls out quickly or just isn’t changed. Normally 90% of hair is in steady progress (anagen part) that lasts 2 to six years. 10% of hair is in a resting part, which lasts about 2-3 months. At the top of this stage it’s regular for the hair to fall out (telogen part).

As the hair falls out is changed by a brand new hair from the hair follicle, situated beneath the pores and skin. Throughout an individual’s life span no new hair follicles are fashioned. Blonds have essentially the most hair (140,000 hairs) adopted by darkish hair (105,000) and purple hair (90,000). As we age the speed of hair progress diminishes, resulting in a progressive thinning of hair. Since the hair consists of protein (keratin), and this materials can also be within the nails, it’s important that every one individuals ingest or eat an plentiful quantity of protein to take care of the wholesome hair manufacturing. Protein is present in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, cereals, nuts and soy.

Main causes

Androgenetic alopecia is the most typical reason behind hair loss. It is principally decided by 3 elements: growing old, hormones, and heredity.

Most individuals expertise some hair loss as they age. The end result could also be a partial or whole baldness. Men are more likely than girls to expertise baldness and hair loss after they grow old, however “female baldness” will also be inherited, which might trigger modest or important hair loss in girls as they age. Hair loss is obvious initially between 25 and 30 years of age. In feminine hair loss, hair is changed by more and more thinner and shorter hair. Hair could even grow to be clear.

Usually, hair loss in girls is much less apparent than in males. Also, the sample through which the hair falls out is totally different. It is most noticeable within the hair half, in addition to the crown of the pinnacle, moreover the frontal hair line is retained. It is inherited from each father and mom.

About 50% of girls who expertise hair loss have “female baldness”. In these circumstances there may be an abundance of dihydrotestosterone (male hormone) within the hair follicle. The conversion of testosterone to DHT is regulated by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme within the scalp. Over time, the motion of DHT degrades, and shortens the expansion part of the follicle (Anagen). Although the follicle is technically alive, it grows much less and much less every time. Some follicles simply die, however most grow to be smaller and thinner. As the Anagenic Phase stays very brief, hair regularly thins and falls out till it turns into so wonderful that it will probably not maintain every day hair combing. Baldness turns an extended, thick pigmented hair into skinny, clear and mild hair. Nevertheless, the sebaceous glands connected to the follicle stay the identical dimension and proceed to provide the identical quantity of sebum. When a medical therapy (flutamide, cyproterone or spironolactone) is ready to cut back the male hormones, the sebaceous glands grow to be smaller, and cut back their manufacturing of this hormone within the sebum inflicting much less harm.

There additionally appears to be an immune think about baldness. Basically, the immune system begins to focus on hair follicles within the areas of alopecia. The rise in male hormones (DHT) throughout puberty begins this course of.

Secondary causes

All kinds of things could cause hair loss, typically non permanent, in girls:

Birth Control Pills

The tablets comprise two components, an artificial estrogen and progestin. Women who expertise hair loss whereas taking oral contraceptives are predisposed to a hereditary progressive hair thinning. This could be accelerated by the consequences of the male hormone possessing some progestagens. If this occurs, it’s advisable to alter to a different sort of oral contraceptive. Also, when a lady stops utilizing sure oral contraceptives, she could be discover hair loss 2-3 months later. This lasts about 6 months and often ceases. It could be just like hair loss skilled after giving start.

Iron deficiency anemia

Lack of iron causes hair loss in males in addition to girls. However, in girls the issue is extra prevalent, notably in these with lengthy or heavy menstrual cycles. The lack of iron could be detected simply with evaluation, and corrected with medical therapy.


A eating regimen low in protein also can trigger hair loss, as can low iron consumption. Vegetarians, individuals with diets low in protein, and sufferers with anorexia nervosa could also be a protein poor. When this happens the physique helps to preserve protein by shifting hair progress to the resting stage. This can result in heavy hair loss about 3 months after the hair progress enters the resting stage. When the hair is pulled, it comes out simply on the root. This course of is reversible with medical therapy, which requires an enough consumption of protein.


Some girls lose massive quantities of hair 2-3 months after giving start. When a lady provides start, too many hairs enter the resting part. 2-3 months after she could discover numerous hairs within the comb or brush after combing her hair. The hair loss can final about 6 months. The drawback, usually, is resolved after applicable medical therapy. Not all new moms will undergo from this expertise, and not all girls will discover hair loss with every being pregnant.

Stress and sickness

You could begin to lose hair 1-3 months after a hectic state of affairs, corresponding to main surgical procedure. High fevers, infections, extreme or power ailments also can lead to hair loss.

Thyroid Disease

An underactive or hyperactive thyroid could cause hair loss. These ailments are identified by scientific signs and laboratory exams. These circumstances require particular dealing with.


Some medication utilized in most cancers chemotherapy trigger hair cells to cease their division, leading to thinner extra fragile hair that simply breaks because it emerges from the scalp. This phenomenon happens 1-3 weeks after the beginning of anticancer therapy. The affected person can lose 90% of their hair. In most sufferers, hair grows again when anticancer therapy ends.

Also, many widespread medicines could cause hair loss.

Drugs that cut back ldl cholesterol: clofibrate (Atromis-S) and gemfibrozil (Lopid).
rugs for Parkinson’s: levodopa (Dopar, Larodopa).
Anti-ulcer medication: cimetidine (Tagamet), ranetidina (Zantac) and famotidine (Pepcid).
Anticoagulants: Coumarina and Heparin.
Anti gotoso brokers: Allopurinol (Loporin, Zyloprim, Zyloric).
Anti-arthritic: penicillamina, auranofin (Ridaura), indomethacin (Inacid), naproxen (Naprosyn), Sulindac (Clinoril) and methotrexate (Folex).
erivatives of Vitamin-A: isotretinoin (Accutane, Roacutan) and etretinato (Tegison, Tigason).
Anti-convulsants / antiepileptics: trimethadione (Tridion).
Anti-depressants: tricyclics, amphetamines.
Beta blockers for hypertension: atenolol (Tenormin), metoprolol (Lopressor), nadolol (Corgard), propranolol (Inderal) and timolol (Blocadren).
Anti-thyroid: carbimazole, iodine, thiocianato, thiouracilo.
Other anticoagulants, male hormones (anabolic steroids).

Alopecia Areata

A standard illness that causes patches of hair loss on the scalp and different physique components. It impacts males and girls of all ages, however extra generally youth. The affected follicles considerably diminish their manufacturing of hair. They grow to be very small and produce hair that’s hardly noticeable. These follicles are in a resting state, and at any time can resume their regular actions after receiving a sign. Some individuals develop only some bald spots that return to regular in a few 12 months. Some individuals unfastened the entire hair on their head (alopecia totalis). In different individuals all physique hair is misplaced (alopecia common). It is believed that alopecia areata is an autoimmune illness through which the physique mistakenly produces antibodies in opposition to the hair follicle (autoallergic). Anxiety and nervousness could set off the illness or stop it from therapeutic. Treatment contains injecting cortisone, or by making use of Minoxidil, cyclosporine, steroid lotions or Anthralin to the affected space. In chosen circumstances, UVA therapy, or the applying of dibenciprona on the lesions is used with a purpose to produce an allergic eczema to stimulate the resting follicle.


A fungal an infection on the scalp. Small patches could cause flaking and some hair loss.

Inappropriate hair care

Many girls use chemical therapies on their scalp, corresponding to dyes, highlights, and perms. Chemical therapies can harm the hair if executed incorrectly. The hair turns into weak and breaks when these substances are utilized too typically, left on too lengthy, bleaching beforehand bleached hair, or when two or extra procedures are carried out in the identical day. If the hair turns into too porous and uninteresting by extreme publicity to chemical therapies, it’s advisable to droop these therapies till the hair has recovered. Shampoo, brushing and combing are essential for correct care of the hair, but when executed excessively or inappropriately can harm hair, inflicting it to interrupt on the stalk, or produce break up ends. You can use a conditioner or hair restore product after shampoo to scale back the pressure required to comb the hair and make it extra manageable. When there are break up ends, and hair that’s troublesome to comb, it’s advisable to make use of hair restore merchandise with silicone serums. Excess water shouldn’t be dried and rubbed vigorously with a towel. When the hair is moist its construction is extra fragile, and vigorous combing or brushing ought to be prevented. Forget the previous advice of combing or brushing in extra as nicely, as a result of it damages hair. Use combs with broadly spaced enamel and skinny bristle brushes, ideally pure (wild boar bristle brushes for instance). The hairstyles that require rigidity on the hair like curls and braids ought to be alternated with unfastened hair types to keep away from the fixed “pull” that may produce hair loss, particularly on the perimeters of the scalp.

Topical Treatments

1. Minoxidil. Is a vasodilator agent that has been used orally within the therapy of hypertension and is now broadly utilized in treating numerous kinds of alopecia. In basic, 1 ml of lotion is utilized twice a day (each 12 hours) to dry hair, as humidity will increase the penetration of the product a number of instances. Works higher in younger males than in girls (20 years), particularly in these with gentle hair loss (thinning) on the crown, or a small bald patch 3-4 cm, but additionally is practical for a receding hairline. The response to Minoxidil varies from particular person to particular person. Treatment ought to be 2 to five years. The scalp will get well starting to develop extra hair from the small skinny hairs. Minoxidil causes hair turns into thicker and more healthy. The consequence is best for individuals affected by hair loss for lower than 2 years. Most see fuzz rising within the first few months. Some expertise extra hair loss after the primary functions. This is as a result of the previous hair ought to fall out to ensure that new hair to develop. Positive outcomes could be seen in 4-8 months, though the utmost results of Minoxidil are reached between 12-14 months.

2. Pyrimidine N-oxides. A generic class of hair tonics just like Minoxidil (2.4-Diaminopyrimidine Aminexil-3-oxide). The ends in greater than 250 males and girls embody an 8% improve in hair progress after 6 weeks of therapy, in comparison with a lower within the price of hair progress with a placebo.

3. Tretinoin. Has been used for years within the therapy of pimples. It can also be a hair tonic in applicable doses, notably together with Minoxidil. If carried out collectively, first apply the Minoxidil, look forward to it to dry (often 15-half-hour) and then apply Tretinoin. Tretinoin ought to be utilized solely at night time. A slight irritation to the pores and skin of the scalp is anticipated, particularly in the beginning of the therapy.

4. Topical estrogen. Solutions of dienestrol or progesterone could also be utilized every day for six-12 months.

5. Natural therapies. There are many therapies with nutritional vitamins, sulfur amino acids (cysteine, methionine, tiazolidín carboxylic acid), minerals (zinc) and plant extracts (Indian horse chestnut, calendula) which might be helpful as dietary dietary supplements and promote more healthy hair. Sulfur favours the formation of keratin, the protein that offers construction to the hair. The plant extracts act to stimulate the circulation and revitalize the hair follicle. Zinc gluconate is an astringent and reduces sebaceous secretion by inhibiting the manufacturing of DHT when utilized topically. Amniotic fluid and tricosacarides hydrate and stimulate the follicle.

6. Others. Lately, lotions containing superoxide dismutase (copper peptide ligands) are getting used to strengthen and activate the expansion of hair. This is predicated on the truth that there are chemical messengers within the physique that ship indicators to hair follicles to begin the Anagen and telogen phases. In this sense, centered extra in the direction of the telogen part (resting part), whereas nitric oxide causes the hair to enter the anagen (progress) part. Obviously, the therapies ought to stimulate the degrees of nitric oxide and cut back the degrees of superoxide radicals utilized in superoxide dismutase and antioxidant brokers.

Oral therapies

” Dietary dietary supplements (nutritional vitamins, sulfur amino aids). Although androgenetic alopecia just isn’t attributable to lack of nutritional vitamins, it’s prompt that sure sulfur amino acid dietary supplements (arginine, cysteine), nutritional vitamins and minerals (biotin, iron, folic acid) favor capillary diet, cut back fats, and promote the synthesis of the protein that offers construction to the hair (keratin). Many of those compounds have an antioxidant motion.

” Antiandrogens. Reduce the male hormone (DHT) that causes baldness. DHT is an androgen (male hormone) competing for a spot within the hair follicle receptors. If follicle receptors are occupied by different brokers, DHT can’t enter the hair follicle and subsequently doesn’t induce its aggressive motion. The drawback is that by blocking DHT in different components of the physique indicators of feminization could present in males. In distinction, for girls this block is much less problematic.

” Zinc. Affects hormone ranges when taken orally and inhibits the manufacturing of DHT when utilized topically.

” Espirolactona. Habitually used as a diuretic. It is likely one of the strongest antiandrogens. Reduces DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. Can even be utilized topically, which isn’t absorbed and doesn’t produce inner results. It is utilized in doses of fifty to 100 mg per day. It can alter the menstrual cycle and improve bleeding in some sufferers, however is usually nicely tolerated.

” CPA (cyproterone acetate). Is a spinoff of an anti-progesterone with antiandrogenic results. It is used for the management of androgenetic alopecia in girls solely. It can’t be utilized in males. Used together with ethinylestradiol. The therapy should be at the least 12 months and typically requires 2 years for enchancment. The result’s extra beneficial if therapy is began throughout the first two years of the onset of alopecia. The therapy stops hair loss and improves hair high quality. Treatment lasts 1-2 years.

” flutamide. Another antiandrogic indicated for girls. The therapy lasts 1-2 years.

” Other antiandrogens. Ketoconazole is an antifungal agent that has antiandrogenic properties. In males the therapy could be very efficient with Finasteride, a drug usually used to deal with hypertrophy of the prostate.

Cosmetic therapies

Cosmetic therapies embody artistic hairstyles, wigs, and hair transplants. To cut back the visible impact of the thinning hair, camouflage strategies can be utilized.

Keeping the hair brief, will make it seem much less patched. This can even make it simpler to take care of. Longer hair produces bunches and locks of hair which might be separated, displaying massive areas of the scalp.

A talented hairdresser can disguise skinny hair in sure areas. If the hair is skinny on the hair line, the hair line and extends to the temples, ask your hairdresser to chop your hair brief in entrance, and depart it longer on the temples.

If your hair is thinner on the crown of your head, maintain hair brief, about neck size. Long hair is heavier, and this pulls hair, separating it on the crown and displaying extra of the bald space. If you continue to have a fairly thick hair on the roof of the pinnacle, depart it lengthy and cowl the bald patches.

If the hair may be very skinny is harder to cowl up alopecia areas. You can attempt a gentile perm to extend the hairs quantity.

If you’ve gotten darkish hair, you possibly can attempt to lighten it a bit to scale back the distinction between the remaining hair and scalp, thus making the pores and skin much less noticeable.

A beauty trick that will work in girls is to use a little bit of hair colored eye shadow, on the scalp over the areas of skinny hair. This is innocent and could make wonderful hair much less noticeable.

Finally, don’t use merchandise that make tuffs or locks of hair stick collectively. This permits empty areas on the scalp to be extra simply seen.

Appropriate Shampoos

Maintaining clear hair helps protect the well being and fantastic thing about hair. The frequency of washing and shampooing for every particular person are necessary elements and ought to be beneficial by a dermatologist. In the case of oily hair accompanied by thinning hair, frequent washing is suggested as a result of this reduces the fats on the floor of the scalp. It is necessary to have hair that’s clear and non oily, as sebum incorporates elevated ranges of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone (male hormones) that may be absorbed into the pores and skin and have an effect on hair follicles. In circumstances of dandruff and greasy hair that’s washed often if it’s best to modify to a therapy shampoo for frequent use. With these shampoos, it is best to wash your hair twice, and the second time depart it in for two -3 minutes with out rubbing. The comb enamel ought to be broad and separated. Avoid metallic brushes. If the hair has break up ends (tricoptilosis) these could be repaired with a silicone polymer based mostly restore serums, which acts as a patch on the break up ends.


Hereditary hair loss just isn’t curable, however it’s controllable, and the earlier be handled the higher. Currently there may be not an ideal therapy for androgenetic alopecia, however there are medication that cease hair loss and lengthen the lifetime of hair follicles.

We should take into account the current and future hair therapies as a result of hair wants residing hair follicles. With baldness follicles are miniaturized and die after 5-10 years. With any therapy you’re going to get higher outcomes with extra follicles that stay alive. Many different hair issues are non permanent and could be handled by dietary measures and different measures. In these circumstances, good dietary habits in addition to consuming dietary supplements of nutritional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants assist to cease hair loss and regain regular progress after just a few months. For extra details about hair loss, seek the advice of your dermatologist, as a result of pores and skin ailments embody ailments of the hair and nails. Do not be influenced by ads for “hair tonic” or by hairdressing specialists.

strengthens hair construction

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