Adrenal Care Daily Checklist and Diary

How to make use of this Dairy

If you, like me, have been recognized with extreme adrenal fatigue it’s good to actually begin taking good care of your self and turn out to be conscious of each determination it’s possible you’ll. Everything you do impacts your adrenal well being and due to this fact your general well being in both a optimistic or detrimental means so it is vital to know what affect your life-style is having in your well being.

The most vital issues affecting your adrenal well being are:

* The quantity and high quality of sleep that you just get

* The meals that you just eat

* The bodily actions that you just take part in

* The quantity of stress – each optimistic and detrimental in your life

I developed the Adrenal Care Daily Checklist and Diary to assist hold me on monitor. As it’s so simple when you’re having day to overlook that you’ve a severe well being situation and to return to your regular way of life which sadly signifies that once you relapse you’ll really feel worse than ever earlier than.

The Adrenal Care Daily Checklist and Diary helps remind you what it’s good to do every day to handle your adrenals. It additionally means that you can report what you’ve and have not completed and then price your general wellbeing based mostly in your behaviour. By maintaining a monitor of what you do each day and score your general vitality you’ll be able to pinpoint what components impact your adrenal well being probably the most. The diary helps offer you an image of what’s occurring along with your adrenal well being and how the alternatives you make relating to meals, train and sleep have an effect on you.

The Diary additionally provides you the chance to jot down your ideas, emotions and vital incidences that happen every day.

My hope is that this diary will show you how to take management of your life and your adrenal well being.


Breakfast concepts

* selfmade porridge with milk, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, lecithin, linseed, amaranth, cinnamon and apple

* scrambled eggs with tomato and soy & linseed toast

Lunch concepts

* Hot brown rice salad with combined veggies and protein

* Soy & linseed sandwich with avocado, protein and salad

Snack concepts

* 2 wholewheat soy and linseed crackers with cheese or nut unfold

* handful of nuts with a chunk of fruit

Dinner concepts

* Fish/lean meat/rooster with brown rice and veggies

* Lentil and pearl barley vegetable soup

* Chicken and vegetable soup



Seeds & Nuts: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds

free-range, chemical + hormone-free poultry, eggs, yoghurt, goat’s milk, beef, lamb, pure cheeses reminiscent of ricotta, fetta & cottage cheese shrimp, mussels, fatty fish reminiscent of wild-caught salmon or trout

Legumes: adzuki, black, kidney, mung beans, lentils, chickpeas


Brown rice, oats, spelt, quinoa, corn, buckwheat, pearl barley, rye, millet


Chinese yam, Chinese cabbage, parsnip, winter squash, candy potato, kale, leek, scallion, mustard greens and carrots, pumpkin, celery, beetroot, inexperienced greens, sea greens, candy potatoes, turnips, onions, olives, avocado

Herbs & Spices

Chives, garlic, cloves, basil, rosemary, angelica root, parsley, fennel, dill, anise, caraway, carob pod, cumin, cinnamon bark, ginger, nutmeg


Avoid fruits excessive in sugar reminiscent of grapes, oranges, dates and many others. In winter you my really feel higher consuming stewed fruits e.g. 2 stewed apples with a pinch of sea salt added to stability the impact of their sugar content material


I do know everybody loves chocolate in order a weekly deal with you’ll be able to get pleasure from one sq. of any 85% or increased darkish chocolate eg Lindt. If you do get fixed chocolate cravings it might be that your physique wants magnesium, so begin taking a magnesium citrate or amino acid chelate complement each day. You can enhance the dose of magnesium till you attain 400mg each day. Magnesium is nice for enjoyable the physique and serving to it create vitality, so if you’re taking magnesium dietary supplements take one within the morning and one at night time.


Always use Celtic or sea salt in your cooking


Experiment consuming room or heat water and see how you’re feeling in comparison with consuming chilled water

Temperature of Foods

As the chilly aggravates the water component and the kidneys, it will be significant when it’s chilly or when your vitality is low to eat extra heat and cooked meals as a substitute of chilly or uncooked meals.

Include the Taz adrenal help restoration soup into your eating regimen. This soup, from Dolores S. Downey, has been confirmed to extend vitality in adrenal fatigue victims.

Combine one medium onion, one sliced zucchini, one cup chopped celery, one cup rooster broth, one cup tomato juice, one pound inexperienced beans, one cup spring water, two tablespoons uncooked honey and one teaspoon paprika in a big pot. Simmer the soup for one hour or till greens are tender. You can season the soup with pepper, if desired.


Though it might really feel like the very last thing you wish to do, train may be very useful to the adrenal glands. It can even show you how to sleep higher. Begin with gentle train, reminiscent of a 10-minute stroll, and work your means as much as extra average bodily exercise. Just keep in mind to take heed to you physique.

If you discover that you’ve night time sweats it is a good suggestion to go for a 15 minute energy stroll about 1-2 hours earlier than you go to mattress. Night sweats are regarded as a kidney yang deficiency and because of low night time cortisol ranges. Rapid strolling will enhance your cortisol ranges and make your physique extra yang. But it is vital to not over do it as should you push your physique too far reasonably than creating yang vitality you may be creating extra yin vitality.

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