Antoine’s Recipe A Culinary ‘Scoop’ – Steak Robespierre

It’s a disgrace the connoisseur’s of the world do not unite to current an annual award to the Best Restaurant Of The Year.

I felt this shortcoming somewhat acutely some weeks in the past when a few of us gourmets – hearty eaters at all times consult with themselves as gourmets – had been sitting round drooling on our bosoms.

The favourite indoor sport of those that get pleasure from good meals is recalling Memorable Meals at well-known eateries.

I opined that Antoine’s of New Orleans must be ranked with the leaders due to its Steak Robespierre.

“Steak what?” demanded my incredulous companions, as realized eaters are wont to do. “Who ever heard of that dish? You’re putting us on.”

Stung to the fast of my style buds, I asserted stoutly that Antoine’s concocted essentially the most delectable steak this aspect of the Pearly Gates; and, certainly, Robespierre, was its title.

“Pooh,” they replied.

Thus it was that I set out on a quest for the recipe of Steak Robespierre.

None of our family cookbooks – already pledged to the Smithsonian Institute upon my demise – had a phrase about Antoine’s well-known steak.

Likewise the Public Library division of cookery.

Likewise the meals editors of three nice day by day newspapers.

At final, in desperation, a protracted distance phone name to Antoine’s itself.


A dialog with the pinnacle chef.

How do mere mortals converse with males on whose shoulders rests the superior duty of making ready Great Meals?

“Please, oh august one, sir, my credentials as a Master Gourmet are in jeopardy as a result of sure neophytes have did not make your pilgrimage and are, due to this fact, unaware of the thrill of Steak Robespierre.

“Would’st thou, in this extremity, deign to enlighten the miserable ones in Ohio who doubt my veracity and thy culinary skill?” Long pause at different finish of wire.

“Sacre bleu!” the Great One intoned. “Eet ees a secret recipe which I have sworn to give only to my son.”

“I am desolate,” I replied. “I shall be drummed out of the Gourmet’s Club and back to pork and beans every Saturday.”

“Weeeeel, in that case, I will tell you the ingredients – but not the quantities. My son – you understand?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes! But please to proceed, my three minutes are nearly up.”

Here, then, Friends of the Sauce Pan, are the supplies that go into Antoine’s distinctive Steak Robespierre. This is a culinary scoop on this planet of meals journalism – different papers might copy.

Marinate entire, aged, beef tenderloins in purple wine and French dressing as much as 4 hours. Bake to medium uncommon.

Next, make a small brown gravy from beef inventory and arrowroot. Add these substances: sauteed, diced bacon; scallions; purple wine; tomato juice; rooster livers sautéed within the bacon drippings; sliced inexperienced olives; mushroom caps; and at last, chunked veal candy breads properly boiled and cleaned.

Garnish with artichoke hearts marinated in olive oil, wine vinegar and dill.

If this description hasn’t began your digestive juices boiling, depart us and switch to the game web page.

For these of you who at the moment are faint with involuntary twitchings of the abdomen muscular tissues learn on at your personal threat.

The proof of the pudding – that’s, the steak – is within the consuming so the Mother of My Children graciously agreed to organize the dish for our doubting pals. Our pals, now keen, promised to encompass it with the identical viands that accompanied our first Steak Robespierre at Antoine’s, lo, these a few years in the past.

Oh, what a dinner it was. It can be a legend to be cherished by my kids.

First there was bouillabaisse soup with nice chunks of white fish, scallops, and eels. Boiled shrimp with scorching tomato sauce. Salad Ponchartrain with sliced tomato marinated in purple wine, topped with finely chopped and blanched asparagus ideas, potato salad, Thousand Island dressing and black caviar.

Steak Robespierre, cloud mild and dripping with that beautiful sauce.

“Dirty” rice steamed in beef consommé. Crackling Rose for the desk wine.

For desert, my specialty, Bananas Foster, flambé.

Cafe au lait.

Bon bons and combined roasted nuts. Panatella cigars and Southern Comfort for each women and gents.

Well, sir, and Bob, you’ll be able to think about the impact this masterpiece had on my doubting pals. Already there’s a motion afoot in my connoisseur membership to provide me a Certificate of Appreciation, and perhaps make me Grand Guard Of The Skillet.

I hope I can bear the title with modesty.

October 10, 1973

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