Big arms, legs, a well earned belly: Balika Vadhu fame Avika Gor undergoes massive transformation, shares how she lost 13 kgs in a few months – fitness

Balika Vadhu fame actor Avika Gor who performed Anandi on the present has undergone a dramatic transformation and the tv actor could also be lacking from the display however is inspiring everybody together with her story about how she let go and didn’t respect her physique which led to weight achieve, insecurities and how she lastly managed to get wholesome and completely satisfied once more. According to a TOI report Avika has lost round 13 kgs, taking to her Instagram, the 23-12 months-outdated wrote, “I still remember one night last year, when I looked at myself in the mirror and I broke down. I didn’t like what I saw. Big arms, legs, a well earned belly. I had let go too much. If it were due to an illness(Thyroid,PCOD, etc), it would be okay because that would be out of my control. But, it happened because I ate anything & everything, and I didn’t workout at all. Our bodies deserve to be treated well, but I didn’t respect it.”

She went on to put in writing how she started to guage herself and feeling insecure, “As a result, I disliked the way I looked so much that I couldn’t even completely enjoy dancing (which I love) without thinking “how I must look right now”. I received so busy judging myself & feeling unhealthy that I didn’t go away any scope for outsiders to make me really feel unhealthy. Such insecurities run in the pinnacle on a regular basis and so they make us really feel drained & irritated. Hence, I might usually snap at my family members.”


Sharing how she determined to provide herself a wake-up name, she went on about how she began to deal with issues that had been good for her, “Well, one fine day I decided that it was enough, and that I must evolve. Nothing changed overnight. I just started to focus on the right things… things that I should be proud of (like dancing). I kept trying to eat better AND working out, and I had various setbacks. But, it was important that I didn’t stop. And my people were constantly there to guide me.” She concluded that she now felt comfy in her personal pores and skin, including, “Long story short, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and I didn’t feel the need to look away. I smiled at myself, and told myself that I’m beautiful. And you, the person reading this, you are beautiful as well. We all have a lot to offer & we must actively work on that, rather than feeling sad about what we can’t do. But, we MUST do what’s in our control.Today, I am comfortable in my own skin. Today, I’m peaceful. And I hope you are too?”

According to a TOI report Avika lost round 13 kgs in the previous few months, she shared how for her the transformation was extra inner than exterior, saying, “Physical transformation happened because I focussed on changing from within. Television had made me extremely comfortable with being in the spotlight. I somehow felt that even though I was not giving my 100 per cent, people still loved me. I had this perception that people liked me the way I was, so there was no need to do anything extra. I was doing good professionally, but I wasn’t happy. The reason was that I wasn’t giving my 100 per cent, not just physically, but mentally as well. For instance, I used to attempt screenplay writing, but then, I stopped paying attention to it. However, on my birthday (June 30), it struck me that I owe my audience my 100 per cent.”

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