5 Restaurant Style Flavored Lassi Recipes Must Try

Lassi is a north Indian drink which is generally consumed after meals. Being a dairy product, it offers all the advantages to the human physique which milk offers. Let’s check out some advantages of the dairy merchandise.


Like all different dairy product, this too is a wealthy supply of protein. Protein is utilized by the physique to restore muscular tissues and it additionally acts as a constructing block of tissues, bones, cartilage, pores and skin, blood, hair and nails.

Energy Replenisher:

This product comprises many vital vitamins like potassium, calcium and nutritional vitamins. It is thus is a good vitality replenisher. The finest time to eat it’s after a rigorous exercise.

Maintains bone well being:

The calcium content material on this dairy product is excessive. Calcium helps in sustaining bone, tooth and nails. Unlike many different vitamins, your physique would not make calcium. It wants a daily provide of calcium.

(*5*) muscle mass:

Proteins include amino acids and amino acids are the constructing blocks for muscular tissues. When there’s a deficiency of protein, the physique makes use of your muscular tissues to create vitality. Thus, there needs to be a daily consumption of protein to deal with the wear and tear and tear of the physique. And thus, lassi is a good protein replenisher.

Soothes your physique:

This product can also be useful to your gut. It has probiotic options and thus retains your digestive tract wholesome. It helps to maintain the physique warmth down and retains you away from the acidity.

Here are 5 lassi recipes so that you just take pleasure in all the advantages of the product.

1. Tropical Mango Popsicle Lassi


-1 cup Amul lassi

-2 mangoes

-1 cup plain syrup (1 cup = 1 cup water: 2 cups sugar)


-Cut the mango and mix it.

-Add half of the overall syrup and mix till it turns to a clean puree.

-Take half of the dairy product in a bowl and add the blended puree on the highest. Add the remaining syrup and whisk it collectively.

-In a separate bowl, take the remaining dairy product.

-Put each the bowls within the fridge to make the liquids agency.

-After half-hour, pour each the liquids into popsicle moulds and freeze them.

2. Mint Mango Delight Lassi


-2 ripe mangoes

-8-10 mint leaves, chopped

-1 tsp sugar

-¼ cup lassi



– Blend all of the substances collectively.

-Add water or milk if it is too thick.

-Serve chilled

3. Peach Lassi


-1 cup chopped peaches

-1 cup Amul lassi

-1 cup full-fat Milk

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla

-2-3 tbsp sugar

-1 cup of ice

-1/4 cup almonds, coarsely chopped


-Blend all of the substances in a high-speed blender.

-Serve chilled.

4. Strawberry Rosewater Lassi


-2 cups strawberries

-2/3 cup plain lassi

-1/3 cup skimmed milk

-2 to 4 tablespoons sugar

-1 teaspoon rose water

-finely chopped pistachios

-1 cup ice cubes


-Add the whole lot besides pistachios to a blender and mix till clean.

Serve chilled.

-Top it up with some pistachios as garnish.

5. Sweet Pineapple Lassi Delight Lassi


-1/2 cup plain lassi

-1/2 cup pineapple chunks with juice

-1 Tbsp honey

-1-inch recent ginger

-4-5 massive ice cubes


-Peel the ginger and grate it into the blender.

-Add all the opposite substances and mix it till clean.

-Serve chilled.

Try all recipes at residence and revel in all the advantages of this dairy product. The dairy product must be included in your day by day weight-reduction plan. It consists of many vitamins that are chargeable for the wear and tear and tear of your physique. Except for calcium and protein, the product additionally comprises many different minerals which assist your physique in the suitable methods. So what are you ready for? Log on to the net dairy and order pack of the superfood lassi now. Why on-line diaries? They present you protected and recent dairy merchandise proper at your step.

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