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Vietnamese or Chinese Eggplants are slender and longer, however firmer evaluating to the big globe eggplants offered at an American market. Vietnamese and Chinese want utilizing them in cooking evaluating to the big globe eggplants due to its last texture and simple cooking. These slender eggplants normally grill and fry higher as properly.

Recipe for Vietnamese Crispy Batter Fried Eggplant Slices
2/3 cup all function flour
1/3 cup rice flour
3 tbsp cornstarch
3/4 tsp sugar
a pinch of salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 cup ice water, ideally ice mineral soda water
Oil for deep frying
1/3 cup Dipping Fish Sauce

Trim off the ends of every eggplant and lower into 1/4 inch thick slices. Soak the slices in water for 10 minutes to reduce the bitterness of the eggplants.

In a shallow bowl, stir collectively all function flour, rice flour, cornstarch, sugar, salt and pepper.
Add within the ice water and whisk it right into a easy batter. Set apart.

Drain the eggplant slices and use paper towels to take away extra moisture. Set them apart.

Pour oil right into a wok or a Dutch oven to a depth of 1 inch. Heat the oil over medium excessive warmth to 350F on a deep frying thermometer. If you do not have a thermometer, stand a bamboo chopstick in to the oil; if small bubbles instantly collect across the chopstick, the oil is prepared.

Dip every eggplant slice into the batter, letting the surplus drip again into the bowl, after which gently drop it into the recent oil and decrease the oil temperature. Fry them into a number of batches to keep away from crowding the pan. Fry about 2 minutes on both sides or till golden and crispy. When the slices are prepared, switch to a rack to drain.

When all of the eggplant slices are fried, prepare them on a serving plate. Serve instantly with a dipping sauce.

Serves 4 to 6

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Origin of Yang Chow Fried Rice

Chinese delicacies has a really lengthy historical past. The historical past of Chinese delicacies might be traced again from 1500 B.C. The lengthy historical past of Chinese delicacies resulted to its predominance in different delicacies everywhere in the world. The migration of Chinese folks to totally different nations world wide brought about the unfold of Chinese delicacies to different nations. Many Chinese meals turned common and have been adopted and blended up with the cuisines of different nations. One of the most well-liked Chinese cuisines is the Yang Chow fried rice.

Yang Chow fried rice is one of an important half of Chinese delicacies. It is one of essentially the most widespread delicacies from China, all eating places everywhere in the world that serve Asian delicacies certainly have this dish on their menus. In some western nations like United States of America, this rice dish is changing into a very talked-about quick meals.

Based on historic accounts, an earlier model of Chinese fried rice already exists in as early as 4000 B.C. However, the unique fried rice recipe was invented throughout the Sui dynasty (589 – 618 A.D.). It originated from town of Yangzhou within the japanese province of Jiangsu. During this time the unique recipe of Yang Chow have been born. The authentic recipe is consists of tidbits of rice, roasted pork, younger onions, peas and prawns. The authentic recipe unfold in Southeast Asia as a result of of the nomads who got here from Yangzhou province in China.

The rice dish originated from peasants within the agricultural province of Yangzhou. Peasants use their leftover rice to organize Yang Chow. The small bits of meat and greens blended with fried rice present that throughout the previous occasions the dish was being eaten by poor Chinese households solely. Peasants throughout these occasions do not need sufficient cash to purchase huge chunks of meat, that’s the reason they cook dinner the rice to have the ability to eat meat even in small quantity along with rice and a few greens. During these occasions Yang Chow was considered peasant meals and was not served in any feast and meals of wealthy folks.

Today Yang Chow fried rice is being served in all Chinese eating places everywhere in the world. It can be served in some eating places that provide Asian cuisines. There are many variants of Yang Chow fried rice at the moment. In western nations it’s composed of leftover rice, egg, small quantity of roasted or fried meat, soy sauce and small quantity of greens. There are additionally another Chinese variants, equivalent to Yuan yang fried rice (has white and pink sauce) and Fukien fried rice (has shrimp and grilled marinated pork). In America, Yang Chow is now popularly often called rice in a field, many Americans eat it as a quick meals as a result of it’s straightforward to organize and might be eaten wherever.

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A Recipe for Salisbury Steak With French Fried Onions and Tasty Sauce

Salisbury Steak is a sublime hamburger with seasonings and sauce. Though the steaks resemble hamburgers, the flavors are fairly completely different. In reality, households could adapt the standard recipe to swimsuit their tastes. Some cooks type the patties into ovals as a substitute of rounds.

I’ve made Salisbury Steak many instances. One recipe, which I solely made as soon as, referred to as for the addition of a can of deviled ham, which added a smoky taste to the patties.

Myra Waldo’s historic work, The Complete Round-the-World Meat Cookbook, printed in 1967 and nonetheless on my guide shelf, comprises a whole chapter on floor meats. According to Waldo, the hamburger has turn into a logo of America. The floor meats chapter comprises recipes for Mexican burgers, Burgundy burgers in wine sauce, Danish Beefsteak, Finnish Beef Patties, Italian Pizza burgers, Russian Hamburgers with Heavy Cream, and sure, a recipe for Salisbury Steak.

Her recipe comprises grated onion, chopped inexperienced pepper, garlic, and marjoram I did not have any of those substances so I created my very own recipe, utilizing further lean floor beef, some leftover French fried onions, and chili sauce. Because the French fried onions contained salt, I did not add any further to the meat combination. I served these fancy burgers with baked potatoes and a salad of Boston lettuce (which can be referred to as Butter lettuce and Bibb lettuce), Roma tomatoes, sliced avocado, and honey-mustard dressing.

If you are stumped on dinner, Salisbury Steak with French Fried Onions and Tasty Sauce could also be simply the meal-saver you want. This recipe is well doubled and you can also make further patties for one other day if you want.


1 pound 93% lean floor beef

1 slice recent bread, crust eliminated, and torn into small items (I used complete wheat bread.)

1/2 cup crushed French fried onions

Garlic pepper to style

Wondra flour

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon butter

1 1/2 cups water

2 beef bullion cubes (I used ones with decreased salt.)

2 tablespoons chili sauce

2 tablespoons cornstarch

A little chilly water


Put the bottom beef in a big mixing bowl. Add the torn bread, water, onions, and garlic pepper. Gently mix and type into 4, inch-thick patties. Coat the patties with Wondra flour. Put the olive oil and butter in a big skillet. As quickly because the butter melts and the skillet is scorching add the patties. Cook till they’re crispy brown on the underside and then flip. Cook a couple of extra minutes till the within is now not pink. Transfer patties to plate. Lower the warmth. Add water, beef cubes, and chili sauce. Whisk over medium warmth, stirring consistently, and ensuring all of the brown bits from the underside of the pan are blended into the sauce. Put cornstarch in a small cup and stir in just a little chilly water till it’s easy and lump-free. Whisk corn starch into skillet and cook dinner till the sauce thickens. Return beef patties to skillet. Cover and simmer over low warmth for about 10 minutes. Serve with mashed potatoes, baked, potatoes, or cooked large noodles. Makes 4 servings.

Copyright 2013 by Harriet Hodgson

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Fried Japanese Tofu Recipes

To make these fried Japanese tofu recipes you have to:

1 – 2 blocks of additional agency tofu

Potato starch

Oil (I used olive oil)

Sweet rice wine

Soy Sauce

Other elements you might use are scallions, mushrooms, ginger, dashi, daikon radish, Nori

My Happy and Delicious Accident

My son determined a yr in the past to chop out meat and dairy merchandise from his food plan. He was residing on his personal so I did not have a have to make vegan or vegetarian meals.

Now that he’s house I search recipe blogs for yummy vegan dishes for him.

The different evening I made one thing tasty alone with what we had out there – tofu, sriracha sauce, and soy sauce with no recipe.

I squished all of the water out attempting to not break the tofu. The paper towels have been soaking moist. Once it was as dry as I may get it I sliced it into cubes – most likely 2 inches every.

In a separate bowl I put sriracha sauce, soy sauce, garlic flakes, and a few seasoning. After mixing it and placing some gloves on I positioned the tofu cubes into the sauce. I gently moved the items within the bowl to verify I coated each bit.

While I let this sit I heated some olive oil in a frying pan on low warmth. Once heated I added the items one after the other inserting a lid on high.

After about 3 – 6 minutes I flipped them – they have been brown on one facet. Be cautious and hold the warmth low or use protecting gloves as a result of the grease does splatter.

I eliminated them from the hearth a couple of minutes later.

Next, I reheated some rice with soy sauce and sriracha together with scallions, thinly sliced carrots, and broccoli.

Finally, I positioned the rice on the plate with the fried tofu on high. I attempted a bit myself and my mouth did a contented dance. I truly made one thing yummy.

My son ate his meal with enjoyment.

What did I simply make? I do know from consuming at Japanese eating places that they’ve one thing like this so I searched on-line.

It’s known as Agedashi Tofu. You make in an identical approach besides you add a coating to it.

Below are a couple of mouth-watering recipes I discovered on-line.

1. Agedashi Tofu by Nami of Just One Cook Book

She makes use of mushy tofu in her recipe together with vegetable oil, potato starch, dashi (kombu dashi for vegetarian – she has a do-it-yourself recipe on her weblog), mirin, soy sauce, scallion, daikon radish and Japanese seven spice.

Included is a step-by-by step picture tutorial in addition to video tutorial.

She recommend squeezing the liquid out of the tofu for 15-minutes. I believe I’ll have completed 5-minutes so I’ll must strive getting extra of the water out subsequent time.

After chopping the onions and grating the radish (and making the sauce) she deep fries the tofu. Agedashi is crispy on the skin and creamy on the within. Read the remainder of her tutorial in addition to some fascinating tidbits about this appetizer on her weblog Just One Cook Book.

2. Deep Fried Tofu by Bebe Love Okazu

This recipe seems to be quite simple.

– drain the tofu

– coat it with potato starch

– fry it

– make sauce and lower up greens

– serve

Visit Judy Ung’s weblog Bebe Love Okazu for the entire recipe.

Tip: Tofu frying ideas from Andrea Nguyen of Viet World Kitchen

3. Fried Tofu in Dashi Sauce by Natsuko Kure

For this model you may want mushy tofu, potato starch, Enoki mushroom, chives, salad oil, Dashi inventory and Dashi flakes (be sure that it’s vegetarian), soy sauce, mirin, and Nori seaweed.

Tip: Drain Your Tofu The Right Way – Natsuko drains her tofu utilizing the microwave. Visit her to see how she does it.

Don’t these recipes sound yummy?

Next time I cook dinner for my son I’m going to strive draining the tofu as Natsuko suggests in addition to taking a couple of pointers from Andrea on frying so I do not get splattered with grease.

Have you made Japanese fried tofu? Which of the three recipes will you strive?

And now I’d like to ask you to observe me on Pinterest as I be taught cooking by attempting numerous recipes.

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