Vegan Gluten-Free Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca derives from the basis of the cassava plant which is native to Northern Brazil. It’s a starch that’s packaged as flakes, flour, or pellets which are sometimes known as pearls. It’s generally used as an alternative of wheat flour in South America, the West Indies and India. It can be broadly utilized in hotter and tropical climates in quite a lot of methods. It is principally within the western world that tapioca is used to make the pudding dessert we’re accustomed to. Other nations use it to make savory dishes such because the Indian dish Sabudana Khichdi which is usually made with potatoes, roasted peanuts, coconut, curry leaves, and lemon.

While a pure meals, tapioca is nearly pure starch, and never good for low calorie diets, however is nice for kids and people attempting to realize weight. It’s not unhealthy for you, however has little dietary worth. Tapioca shouldn’t be very fattening. To save fats whereas making this recipe change the soy milk and coconut with lite soy milk. Tapioca naturally has no sugar. Add much less sugar to this recipe to reduce the quantity of sugar or use another sweetener like stevia. Tapioca additionally makes an important deal with for folks with celiac illness or different gluten sensitivities as a result of it’s gluten-free.

This is an Old-Fashioned recipe, in that it takes time, but it surely has a brand new trendy vegan spin, and with a little bit of cardamom it is barely unique.

This recipe takes 1 hour to soak, half-hour to cook dinner and feeds roughly 4 folks.


– 2 cups Soy or Almond milk
– 13.66-fl. oz. can coconut milk
– ½ cup tapioca small pearls (not instantaneous)
– ¾ t. cardamom
– 1 t. vanilla
– ½ cup brown sugar
– Pinch salt

Soak the tapioca pearls in soy milk for an hour within the medium dimension sauce pan. You haven’t got to do that, if it isn’t handy, however it’ll take longer for the tapioca to cook dinner if it isn’t completed. After soaking the tapioca within the soy milk for an hour the tapioca will begin to clump collectively just a little bit. Stir the soy milk and tapioca getting out all of the clumps. Then add the coconut milk, sugar, spices, and salt. Put the pot on the range and convey it to a boil. Next flip the warmth right down to a medium temperature and stir nearly continually for about half-hour. When it’s completed the tapioca pearls will begin to look translucent and the combination will thicken up. Then take away the pot from the burner. It would not have to be as thick as common tapioca when it’s completed as a result of it’ll thicken up with time. If you need heat tapioca cowl it and let it thicken up for a bit on the range. If you need chilly and even thicker tapioca put it within the fridge for a couple of hours. Warm tapioca is nice with totally different spices like cinnamon, clove or nutmeg. Or you may put recent berries or ripe peaches on chilly tapioca for a cool deal with.

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