Pain, pressure and pleasure of tennis top couple – Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf – tennis

It may be troublesome to grasp that two of the world’s biggest tennis professionals with 30 Grand Slam singles titles between them can really feel ache and struggling so deeply. Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf have tasted actually every part there’s on the platter on the largest stage of tennis: Grand Slam success, world No. 1 rating, Olympic gold. And but, for them, wrestle remained a companion even on the top.

“We all struggle. It might look like a beautiful bed of roses because you’re holding a trophy, but the pain and suffering that goes into it creates the same anxieties in all of us,” stated Agassi, who has given a riveting account of his fall from the top within the mid-Nineteen Nineties as a result of accidents, drug use and a damaged marriage wth Brooke Shields in his autobiography, Open.

“That’s why I decided to write my book, because I wanted to understand my struggles and express it. I believe everything should transparent in our journey. It can only help each other to know that we are not alone in it,” stated the eight-time Grand Slam winner, who overcame these adversities and fought his method again to the top.

No such emotional curler-coaster for Graf, a 22-time Grand Slam champion who was glued to the top of the world rankings for a document 377 weeks, it’s secure to imagine? “I was a good actress, then,” Graf quipped.

“Oh, I’ve had my ups and downs and challenges. In tennis, every day you go out on the court and strive to reach your limits. And it’s difficult to find that emotional balance. You might have it physically, but sometimes emotionally it’s hard to, day after day, ask the best of you. When you get closer to the top, the expectations and demands that you have, you don’t always feel that way but you’ve still got to ask the best of you. It’s hard, and you don’t realise the amount of pressure that sometimes you ask of yourself, not even from the outside. You’re far from having that equilibrium that you hope.”

Equilibrium is what they present in one another. Agassi, an unfiltered persona wrapped in lengthy hair and brilliant garments throughout his youthful days, met his calming affect in Graf, and the 2 married in 2001 to develop into tennis’ most outstanding couple. Agassi stated his solely remorse in life was that the union occurred 10 years too late.

“There’s a lot to be said for being attracted to what you respect and what you’re not,” Agassi stated. “The discipline she has always shown in her career is something that my personality couldn’t abide. Her personality and skill-sets allowed her to go about things differently. And that’s attractive. It’s the same, but it’s different.”

Graf agreed. “I think we came together at a time when we knew each other pretty well already,” she stated. “There might be certain differences in how we handle things and personalities, but in all of the right things I find that we are similar. Our priorities and thoughts are very aligned. By raising kids too you learn so much about each other. Between the value, respect and trust for each other, it’s working really well, let’s just put it that way.”

The two have additionally discovered their calling in philanthropy of their post-tennis life. While Agassi has fashioned the “Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation” to offer instructional alternatives for teenagers, Graf has established the “Children for Tomorrow” that helps kids from battle-torn locations.

“I felt like my lack of choice, being forced into tennis at a young age and out of school, left me very disconnected with my life,” Agassi stated about taking the plunge into charity. “At one of the lowest points of my career is when I decided to give children with no choice that opportunity. Getting involved in this gave me the platform to move forward with my educational objectives.”

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HTLS 2020 - As you get closer to the top, the expectations are a lot: Graf on handling mental health – htls

At a time when athletes from all sports activities are talking up about the significance of mental health, former tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi addressed the difficulty whereas talking with senior sports activities journalist Ayaz Memon at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

Talking about the pressures that elite sportspersons face on a day by day foundation, Graf highlighted the way it turns into powerful to ask for the greatest from your self day in and day trip.

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“It’s tough to find that emotional balance. Emotionally it’s hard to ask the best out of yourself day after day. As you get closer to the top, the expectations are a lot. You don’t realise the amount of pressure not just from outside, but even from the perfectionist that is within you. Once you walk away, you’re far from having that equilibrium,” Graf stated.

She stated that a lot of gamers discover it laborious to address life after retirement as they are unable to consider what to do after their profession is over

“There’s so much you’re taught in tennis that there’s a big part you’re missing and a big part you gain. But there’s so much it prepares you for the post retirement life. It’s a different phase but I see with players who are close to retiring, they have the question, ‘Where do you go from here’. Because tennis has been all that they know,” Graf stated.

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Agassi added that gamers usually discover it troublesome to address the relaxed life put up retirement as they are used to the stress of taking part in usually.

“When you unplug from tennis it’s almost like PTSD, intensity of engagement – bit like having drugs and not having drugs. Life seems boring for a while. It’s hard to realise life could be a bit more relaxed as well. Sports makes you tough from one perspective, it also makes you a person where you need to disconnect and grow in some other way,” the former US tennis nice added.

He additional stated that it is vital for folks to be self conscious and handle mental health.

“I believe people need to be true to themselves, for that you need to be self-aware. You need to prioritise mental health. We all find our own forms of distraction in life,” he stated.

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HTLS 2020: Watching Serena Williams through such a long career has been amazing, says Steffi Graf – htls

Tennis legend Steffi Graf on Thursday opened up on the long-time debate over who’s the very best ever in ladies’s tennis between her and 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams. Graf, throughout her historic career, gained 22 Grand Slam titles, probably the most by any participant on the time within the Open period , a report which was damaged by Serena when she gained the Australian Open in 2017.

On being requested concerning the debate throughout the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2020 by sports activities journalist Ayaz Memon, Graf stated that she is simply comfortable to be recognised for her achievements.

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“I am just happy that I am in that equation. Serena’s accomplishments have been incredible,” Graf stated.

“Watching her through such a long career – it’s amazing. I felt I was ready at 29-30 to retire but seeing her mental toughness and how she is so determined and pushing out there and so eager – that is mesmerising to me.

“In terms of greatest of all, I am so content and happy with the career that I had that it’s not important honestly for me. To be recognised for the career that I had, I cherish it. But life is so far away from tennis at this point that I don’t lose any sleep about something like that,” she added.

On being requested concerning the present state of girls’s tennis and why the Grand Slam winner maintain altering regularly, Graf stated that the brand new expertise that has come up has energised the game.

“On the women’s side, there has been a new crop of young, very energised players. You look at Ashleigh Barty who came a little later to the sport, but is an incredible talent. You see the last tournament, a young Polish player coming through, Swiatek,” she stated.

“They all have a very complete game already but still have a lot of energy. We have quite a few of these young girls around who have energised women’s tennis in the last 3-4 years.

“Serena Williams has been a flag bearer for long, but you have Osaka, Andreescu and all these different players from different countries that have come through and are shining really brightly right now,” she signed off.

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