Leadership, Self-Development, and the "Committment to Growth"

There is a typical phrase that claims: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I do know that the majority of us have heard it. The drawback is that all of us too typically take it, and different so-called “conventional wisdom” as fact.

Read that phrase once more: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

What is conjured up in your thoughts – what do you consider – while you ponder these phrases?

If you are like most, you imagine, for no matter cause, that after a sure age, you possibly can’t study something new. That, after a sure level, an ‘previous canine’ can’t do something about who they’re or what they’re in a position to do to change the course of their life and it is path, degree of happiness or potential to produce the outcomes that they want to see.

The previous canine in the phrase would not have to be ‘previous’ in the sense of years although. I’ve met many individuals a number of years my junior, who imagine that as a result of they’ve finished so many issues a sure method, that, for them not less than, another method is out of the query.

And therein lies the theme for this text. For, it’s the perception in so-called ‘truths’ like this one that the majority typically prevents in any other case highly effective individuals – people stuffed with the potential for greatness – to break by way of to the happiness and success they search.

Although, there are a lot of that contribute to your general progress, we’ll be specializing in the success trait of ‘dedication.’ The dictionary describes dedication as a ‘obligation,’ ‘promise,’ ‘accountability,’ or ‘pledge.’ And, every of those key phrases can be utilized to focus our intention on breaking free of those self and outwardly imposed limiting beliefs to unleash our personal energy to be what we select. Understanding with readability and focus will permit us to arrange our lives in a method that hazard can’t contact us, and if it did it might be handled . . . rapidly and decisively.

Let’s take a look at every of those ‘keys’ to dedication, as they relate to the idea of Warriorship and our want to have interaction the world in a optimistic, productive, method so as to higher perceive why we should seize the alternative (or as an amazing poet reminded us to “seize the day!”) for development every time doable.


Related to the idea of management, every considered one of is a job mannequin in the lifetime of not less than one different particular person. Regardless of whether or not you’re a guardian or not, somebody is how you progress, act, communicate and the like. And, they’re deciding for themselves about these actions. If they like what they see, even should you would name one thing a foul behavior, they might embrace that ‘behavior’ as a fact to be lived up to. They need to be “just like you.” If we’re really involved about the destiny of others and our affect over their lives in a optimistic method, it’s our obligation to be the finest ‘instance’ that we could be. We haven’t got to actually be a trainer, or have a job whose official title says “leader,” however, we’re an instance that others are following. The query we should ask ourselves is, “how do I take control of the way I inspire or motivate others?”


This key could be seen to be a mirrored image of the water realm of readability and fact and the wind realm of accomplishment by way of motion. When we make a promise, we talk one thing, in the type of a fact that others can depend on. Much like the dedication that two individuals make to one another once they get married, a promise is the creation of one thing that creates security and safety for one more. And, it’s the outward, ‘different’ focus that make a promise an necessary side of dedication and our potential to get mandatory assist from others after we want it. The query right here is, “what benefit will others (and myself) receive if I succeed in my endeavor?”


This key has to do with our legal responsibility or accepted obligation for seeing that one thing is completed. This is the reverse of the “it’s not my job” angle typically heard and lived by the lazy character. In order for us to commit to one thing, we’ve to see and settle for our personal accountability for making it so. In reality, to take this even additional, we should see settle for full legal responsibility for the failure of one thing not occurring. The assertion that, “if it’s to be it’s up to me” leads me on. The query, “what it does it say about me, when I take responsibility for my life and actions?”

Pledge – Related to the fireplace realm of connection and expression, a pledge is a vow and a method of participating with a objective or trigger. Much deeper in which means and understanding than a promise – simply as the ‘pledge of allegiance’ is a extra highly effective title than the ‘promise of allegiance’ – this key comes from the coronary heart. We really feel so strongly about the necessity for the objective to be attained that there isn’t any doubt, no hesitation, no concern of failure. We are so completely dedicated that the pledge sounds extra like an announcement of ‘in fact it would occur’ than a want to in some way seem in the world as if by magic. Feeling sparks the query, “what makes this goal so important that it must be accomplished?”

Though the 4 keys could be discovered to be synonyms of one another and, for a lot of, indistinguishable from one another, the refined variations in context can imply all the distinction in being dedicated to one thing and merely saying that we’re dedicated.

So, how about you? How dedicated are you to these stuff you say are necessary. How a lot do you your actually need to change your life – to create outcomes that may profit each your self and others – to create the life you have at all times dreamed of dwelling? How necessary is your Ninja Martial Arts coaching and your efficiently studying the abilities of Mastery?

Saying or considering that you simply’re the ‘previous canine’ in the phrase we talked about earlier simply says that you simply acknowledge how restricted you have change into in your personal recurring patterns. But, it is by no means too late to begin creating new habits and success patterns. In reality, the world is determined by you are taking motion – and now! Because, if there’s one factor the world does want is yet one more really profitable particular person – yet one more shiny mild – yet one more sincere, respectful, engaged one who does precisely what they are saying they are going to do as a result of they acknowledge their objective and is keen sufficient, no courageous sufficient, to break from the those that will accept mediocrity.

Here’s the method: If you modify, you’ll develop. But to develop, you have to be dedicated to act – to do precisely what have to be finished to make the world, if solely your little nook of it, a greater place wherein to stay.

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