Gull –  Bootstrap 4 HTML & Laravel  Admin Dashboard Template

Gull – Bootstrap 4 HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template



gull bootstrap laravel admin features

Gull is a contemporary Bootstrap 4 admin template and UI framework with full Laravel model. It is absolutely responsive constructed utilizing SASS, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery plugins and full of good developer instruments resembling Gulp, Babel and Browsersync. It can be utilized for
constructing all form of Cross-platform Application and Web utility backends like customized admin panel, admin dashboard, accounting software program, undertaking administration, chat utility, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, ERP or SAAS.

Gull offers you all of the UI to enter and visualize/output giant and small datasets.

Main Features:

Full SASS assist: Gull implements bootstrap 4 sass. Styles and customized schemes are written in sass.

Prebuilt apps: Gull has pre made apps(Invoice Builder, Chat, Inbox).

Customizable SASS coloration schemes: Customize or create your personal coloration scheme by altering the sass coloration variable’s worth or creating new coloration scheme file.

Data Table: Data desk shows a set of knowledge in clear desk format with entrance-finish paging choices. User can search and type knowledge.

Form Layouts and components: Horizontal & vertical type layouts with all vital type inputs and components.

eCharts: Gull makes use of echarts for knowledge visualization. All vital and customary echart choices/configurations are written in several file.

Other Features:

  • Minimal, Intuitive and Fully Responsive Design(appropriate with main browsers, tablets and telephones)
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • 4 Dashboard variations
  • Datatables
  • Full display search
  • 2000+ premium iconsmind icons included
  • Login Page
  • SignUp web page
  • Forgot password web page
  • Not discovered web page
  • Image Cropper
  • Toastr Alerts
  • Sweetalerts
  • User Tour
  • 30+ Card widgets
  • Quill wealthy textual content editor
  • Custom loader and spinners
  • Custom loading buttons
  • Ladda loading buttons
  • Image Cropper
  • Form Wizard
  • Tag Input
  • Autocomplete Input
  • Custom change, radio, checkboxes
  • Modal dialog, Confirm dialog
  • eCharts for Data visualization
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Online documentation


    • September 21, 2020

      • Laravel 8 Support Added
      • Folder staructure Change In Laravel
    • August 19, 2020

      • React Starter equipment Added
      • Vuejs Starter equipment Added
      • Angular Starter equipment Added
    • June 16, 2020

      • Laravel 7 Support added
      • Layouts Code Refactor
      • Gulp 4 Added in HTML
      • Laravel 7 Authentication assist added with Basic Scaffolding
    • January 8, 2020

      • Laravel 6 Authentication assist added with Basic Scaffolding
      • December 14, 2019

        • New Vertical Layout Added
      • November 7, 2019

        • Laravel 6 Support Added
        • Dark Version Added
        • Contact List Table Added
        • Top nav Mobile problem fixes
        • Laravel Version Upgrade to Laravel 6
      • July 31, 2019

        • App Widgets Added
        • Weather Widgets Added
        • Task Manager App Added(List,duties,Minimal Todo)
        • Contacts App Added(List,Grid,Details)
        • Ecommerce App Added(prodcuts,Products Details,Checkout,Cart)
        • Pricing Table Added
        • Search Result Added
        • Starter kits Merge in One Folder
      • April 29, 2019

        • Angular Version Added
        • Echarts Added
        • ChartJs Added
        • Apex Charts Added
        • Task Manager added
        • Task Manager List added
        • ToDo App added
        • Bootstrap Dropdown Added
        • Typography Added
        • Multi Column Forms Added
        • Basic Action Bar Added
        • Input Groups Updated
        • Bootstrap Tab Added
        • Accordion Added
        • Collapsible Added
        • Widget-statistics Added
        • Widget-Card Added
        • Faq Page Added
        • Buttons Updated
        • Badges Updated & new Badges Added
        • New Colors Added
      • March 11, 2019

        • Laravel upgraded to five.8
        • PSD information Added
        • Bug fixes
      • Feb 21, 2019

        • Bug repair (Horizontal navigation)
      • Feb 12, 2019

        • Horizontal navigation added
        • sidebar compact model added
        • RTL Support added
        • Bug repair (Scroll fullscreen)
        • calendar added
      • Jan 05, 2019

        • Initial launch


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Altair – Admin Material Design UIkit Template

Altair – Admin Material Design UIkit Template


Check out our new Scutum Admin Template

Scutum Admin Promo

Altair Admin Template

Altair is an expert HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template based mostly on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been constructed with Bower (bundle supervisor), Gulp (streaming construct device) and Handlebars.js (templating system).

Latest replace

// v2.22 (10.03.2020)
  [new][all] Collapsible columns
  [new][all] Expanded Top Bar (filters)
  [update][all] "c3js-chart": "~0.7.15" 
  [update][all] "chartist": "^0.11.4" 
  [update][all] "ckeditor": "^4.13.1" 
  [update][all] "clndr": "~1.5.1" 
  [update][all] "codemirror": "^5.52.0" 
  [update][all] "cropper": "~4.1.0" 
  [update][all] "datatables-buttons": "^1.6.1" 
  [update][all] "echarts": "^4.6.0" 
  [update][all] "jquery": "~3.4.1" 
  [update][all] "jQuery-contextMenu": "^2.9.0" 
  [update][all] "jquery.inputmask": "~4.0.8" 
  [update][all] "kendo-ui": "~2020.x" 
  [update][all] "marked": "^0.8.0" 
  [update][all] "matchMedia": "~0.3.2" 
  [update][all] "parsleyjs": "^2.9.1" 
  [update][all] "pdfmake": "^0.1.65" 
  [update][all] "push.js": "^1.0.12" 
  [update][all] "raphael": "~2.3.0" 
  [update][all] "screenfull": "^5.0.2" 
  [update][all] "tinymce": "^5.2.0" 
  [update][html] "handlebars": "^4.7.3" 
  [update][app] "angular": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-cookies": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-resource": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-sanitize": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][all][npm] up to date dev dependencies
  [bug][all] eliminated fastClick (contact gadgets)
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

For full changelog scroll to the underside of the web page.


Altair Responsive Design

Altair Material Design

Altair Easy Customization

Altair Custom Pages

Features List

  • Material Design
  • Based on UIkit
  • Easily customizable (much less information)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive format
  • High Resolution
  • RTL
  • Custom pages: Invoices, User Profile, User Edit, Mailbox and extra
  • Custom parts

    • Accordions
    • Dropdowns
    • Dynamic Grid
    • Lightbox/Modal
    • Nestable
    • Sortable
    • Notifications
    • Preloaders
    • Tabs
  • Integrated KendoUI parts
  • Integrated charting libraries: c3.js and MetricsGraphics.js
  • Integrated plugins: Datatbles, Full Calendar, Maplace (Google Maps), Mapael (Vector Maps) and extra
  • Integrated type parts:

    • Sliders
    • Advanced choose
    • Datepicker
    • Timepicker
    • Masked inputs
    • Html Editor
    • File uploader

Your Voice

I’m open to any ideas relating to Altair Material Design Premium Template, if in case you have an concept/suggestion/request please let me know. I’ll attempt to add it to Altair. Thanks.


// v2.21 (06.03.2019)
  [new][all] Clear button for enter fields
  [new][app] ui-choose validation
  [update][all] File Manager (elfinder): 2.1.48
  [update][all][bower] c3js-chart: ~0.6.12
  [update][all][bower] ckeditor: ^4.11.3
  [update][all][bower] codemirror: ^5.44.0
  [update][all][bower] datatables: ^1.10.19
  [update][all][bower] datatables-buttons: ^1.5.4
  [update][all][bower] fullcalendar: ^3.10.0
  [update][all][bower] handlebars: ^4.1.0
  [update][all][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: ^2.8.0
  [update][all][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2.x
  [update][all][bower] jquery.inputmask: ~4.0.6
  [update][all][bower] jquery-mockjax: ^2.5.0
  [update][all][bower] jtable: ~2.6.0
  [update][all][bower] kendo-ui: ~2019.x
  [update][all][bower] second: ~2.24.0
  [update][all][bower] pdfmake: ^0.1.53
  [update][all][bower] push.js: ^1.0.9
  [update][all][bower] screenfull: ^4.0.1
  [update][all][bower] selectize: ~0.12.6
  [update][all][bower] tinymce: ^5.0.1
  [update][all][bower] dropzone: ^5.5.0
  [update][app][bower] angular: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-cookies: ^1.7.7,
  [update][app][bower] angular-useful resource: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-sanitize: ^1.7.7
  [update][all][npm] dev dependencies up to date to newest variations
  [bug][all] fastened fullscreen mode
  [bug][all] fastened preloader present/disguise capabilities
  [bug][all] fastened tour plugin (enjoyhint) scroll difficulty
  [bug][all] fastened footer margin when mini sidebar is energetic
  [bug][app] modal cleanup when altering pages
  [bug][html] fastened scrollbars flash throughout bill present
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.20.1 (08.07.2018)
  [update] Material Design Icons (v38)
  [bug] mailbox group/ungroup messages
  [bug] TinyMCE fullscreen mode
  [bug] hello-res cost pictures

// v2.20.0 (23.06.2018)
  [new] Forum Pages
  [new] Dropzone plugin
  [new] Table Tree instance
  [update] added potential to take away single factor in selectize  plugin
  [update] up to date materials design icons to newest model
  [update] disabled swipe gesture for UIKit tabs globally ( swiping: false )
  [update] added delay to update_inputs perform on init (to make browser autofill works)
  [update] added new select2 instance ( nation flags )
  [update] screenfull icons are actually altering on enter/exit fullscreen mode
  [update][npm] dev dependencies up to date to newest variations
  [update][bower] up to date bower parts to newest variations, noticeable modifications: d3 (5.x) and ui-router (1.x)
  [bug] fastened validation for enter teams
  [bug] fastened bower hyperlink for uikit framework
  [bug] fastened tooltips on contact gadgets (ios)
  [bug] fastened selectize dropdown container on contact gadgets
  [bug] fastened black theme for some parts/components
  [bug] [app] crud desk masked inputs initialization for brand spanking new entries
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.13.0 (17.01.2018)
  [new] Gallery Page v2
  [new] Login Page v2
  [new][html] Select 2 plugin
  [new][app] ui-choose plugin
  [update] Gantt Chart (replace date after transfer/resize occasion;rewritten getBoundaryDatesFromData perform)
  [update] added fastened column to Scrum Board
  [update] added customized scrollbar to sidebar (mailbox v2)
  [update] added multi-stage menu (high menu format)
  [update] added search field to record exterior (invoices web page)
  [update] added drag&drop for selectize plugin
  [update] added icons to submenu gadgets (foremost sidebar)
  [update] up to date npm modules
  [update][bower] c3js-chart: 0.4.18
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.8.0
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.7
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.33.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.9.3
  [update][bower] cropper: 3.1.3
  [update][bower] datatables: 1.10.16
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.8.5
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.8.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.11
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.6.3
  [update][bower] jquery-idletimer: 1.0.2
  [update][bower] jquery.precise: 1.0.19
  [update][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.11
  [update][bower] jquery.scrollbar: 0.2.11
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] maplace-js: 0.2.10
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.12
  [update][bower] second: 2.20.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.8.0
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.35
  [update][bower] peity: 3.2.1
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.5
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.7
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.4
  [update][bower] switchery: 0.8.2
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.7.4
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] jquery-listnav: 2.4
  [update][bower] select2: 4.x
  [update][bower] dropify: 0.2.2
  [bug] fastened md-card-single peak calculation
  [bug] fastened difficulty with push notifications
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.12.0 (19.08.2017) ============
  [new][html] X-editable plugin
  [new] Pricing Page v2
  [new] Payment Page
  [new] User heading with background
  [new] Payment icons
  [new][angular] CRUD desk
  [update] Selectize delayed initialization
  [update] Chatbox message enter subject (changed by textarea)
  [update][bower] autosize: 4.0.0
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.11.0
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.7.1
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.27.4
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.5
  [update][bower] datatbles: 1.10.15
  [update][bower] datatbles-buttons: 1.4.0
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.6.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.10
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] jquery-inputmask: 3.3.7
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.3.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.2.621
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.2
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.32
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.4
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.6.5
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.4
  [update][bower][angular] angular 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-sanitize 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-useful resource 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-cookies 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-datatables 0.6.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-echarts 1.0.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-ui-router 0.4.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-wizard 1.1.1
  [update][bower][angular] oclazyload 1.1.0
  [update] npm dev dependencies
  [bug] Selectize validation
  [bug] Top menu format header
  [bug][RTL] Fixed textual content path when printing
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.11.0 (05.05.2017)
  [new] Quiz Page
  [new] Mailbox Page
  [new][RTL] Landing Page
  [new] Contact List Page v2
  [new] Animations Page (MD)
  [new] Timeline Page
  [new] Smooth Scroll Component
  [new] Sourcemaps for CSS
  [update] FAB hover mode
  [update] Dynamic types in modal and wizard
  [update] Optgroups for selectize element
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.10.1
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.6.2
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.25.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.3
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.4.4
  [update][bower] jquery-mapael: 2.1.0
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.2.0
  [update][bower] jtable: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.1.330
  [update][bower] second: 2.18.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.0
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.1.0
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.5.6
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.0
  [update] Added validation for datepicker and selectize
  [bug][RTL] Fixed few KendoUI parts (combobox, autocomplete and so forth.)
  [bug][Landing Page] Fixed animations delay in chrome browser
  [bug] Fixed isssue with UIkit in bower
  [bug] Dynamic grid initialization (watch for all pictures to load)
  [bug] Images on hello-res shows
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.10.0 (03.02.2017)
  [new] Charts (Echarts)
  [new] Horizontal contact playing cards
  [new] Grid/List View
  [new][app] Dynamic Forms
  [update] Dynamic Forms rebuild (now utilizing handlebars)
  [update] New choices for gantt charts (showToday, startToday)
  [update] Added choice to open person chosen accordion part
  [bug] Added types for uk-navbar-model
  [bug] Fixed customized scrollbar in foremost sidebar
  [bug] Fixed UIKit autocomplete choose callback not triggered for contact gadgets
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.9.1 (21.10.2016)
  [bug] Fixed difficulty with Chatboxes JS
  [bug][landing_page] Fixed difficulty with the Scrollspy components not aligned correctly

// v2.9.0 (20.10.2016)
  [new] Chatboxes
  [new] Sticky Notes
  [new] Push Notifications plugin
  [new] Context Menu plugin
  [new][landing_page] Timeline
  [update] Gantt Chart (begin/finish date; sub-collection; customized titles/hyperlinks)
  [update] FullCalendar record view
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.5.11
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.6
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.19.0
  [update][bower] cropper: 2.3.4
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.2.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.0.1
  [update][bower] jquery-ui: 1.12.1
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.3
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2016.3.1007
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.6
  [update][bower] second: 2.15.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.6
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.0.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.3
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.4.3
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.1
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.3.1
  [update][bower] waypoints: 4.0.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-datatables: 0.5.5
  [update][app][bower] angular-dragula: 1.2.8
  [update][app][bower] angular-ui-router: 0.3.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-wizard: 0.9.0
  [update][app][bower] c3-angular: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ng-idle: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ngmap: 1.17.6
  [bug] Fixed Close button in CRUD desk modal
  [bug] Content preloaders
  [bug][RTL] Tour plugins (mislocated components)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.8.0 (17.08.2016)
  [new] Image Cropper plugin
  [update] ColVis and TableInstruments changed by Buttons
  [update] added CTA Button to Landing Page (in Header)
  [update][RTL] fastened "Align Character Widget" desk
  [update] added indicator for month/12 months (datepicker)
  [update] added border to javascript buttons
  [update] selectize validation
  [update] autosize (3.0.17)
  [update] c3js-chart (0.4.11)
  [update] chartist (0.9.8)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.10)
  [update] clndr (1.4.5)
  [update] codemirror (5.17.0)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.1)
  [update] datatables (1.10.12)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.9.0)
  [update] jquery-mapael (2.0.0)
  [update] jquery-ui (1.12.0)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.3)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.1)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.2.727)
  [update] second (2.14.1)
  [update] raphael (2.2.1)
  [update] tinymce (4.4.1)
  [update] uikit (2.26.4)
  [bug] added lacking KendoUI property (black theme, pictures and so forth.)
  [bug] double header themes
  [bug] IE9 compatibility (SVG)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.7.0 (28.06.2016)
  [new] Tour plugin
  [new] Filemanager plugin (standalone and built-in with WYSIWYG editors)
  [new] Slider element
  [new] Dark theme
  [new] Slim Menu
  [new] Dynamic type fields
  [new] Fullscreen card in modal
  [update] Scrum Board dropdowns
  [update][app] Autocomplete element
  [update] Whole Card might be clicked to set off fullscreen
  [update][app] Search Bar all the time seen
  [update] Table Examples checkboxes
  [update] FAB pace dial horizontal
  [update][html] Card progress colours relying on share
  [update] New Modal triggered from different modal instance
  [update] Javascript Buttons (checkboxes/radio)
  [update] Sidebars shut button
  [update] Removed uikit 'knowledge-uk-observe' (not wanted anymore)
  [update][app] rootScope $destroy faraway from app.js (moved to controllers)
  [update] Updated NPM modules to newest variations (./bundle.json)
  [bug][RTL] Small timeline
  [bug] wizard validation
  [bug] TinyMCE lacking icons
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.6.0 (16.05.2016)
  [new] Landing Page
  [bug] IE9 compatibility
  [bug] customized scrollbar place when mini sidebar is energetic

// v2.5.1 (27.04.2016)
  [new] textual hyperlinks in navbar (.navbar_link)
  [bug] wizard web page not working (AngularJS model)
  [bug] selectize z-index difficulty (AngularJS model)
  [bug] buttons (RTL model)
  [bug] gulp serve process (RTL model)
  [bug] CRUD desk dialog (RTL model)
  [bug] lacking uikit in login and error pages (AngularJS model)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.5.0 (16.04.2016)
  [new] Search Page (pages/search_results)
  [new] Session Timeout Plugin (plugins/idle_timeout)
  [new] Autocomplete Plugin
  [new] Tablesorter widgets (plugins/tablesorter)
  [new] Switcher Component (parts/switcher)
  [new] Mailbox motion buttons (mailbox)
  [new] Fancytree Plugin (changed tree plugin; plugins/tree)
  [new] Added header/footer to Invoices (invoices)
  [new] Fixed width for inputs (types/common)
  [new] Collapsed card on web page load (parts/panels)
  [new] Gulp construct process
  [update] Rebuilded gulp duties (./gulp-duties)
  [update] Top menu cellular pleasant (format/top_menu)
  [update] Datepicker in modal (no want to make use of further class anymore)
  [update] Material Design Icons (2.2.0)
  [update] Updated NPM modules to newest variations (./bundle.json)
  [update] Separated Themes (property/css/themes/)
  [update] angular (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-breadcrumb (0.4.1)
  [update] angular-cookies (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-datatables (0.5.4)
  [update] angular-dragula (1.2.6)
  [update] angular-useful resource (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-sanitize (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-ui-router (0.2.18)
  [update] autosize (3.0.15)
  [update] c3-angular (1.2.0)
  [update] chartist (0.9.7)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.8)
  [update] clndr (1.4.1)
  [update] codemirror (5.13.4)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.0)
  [update] d3 (3.5.16)
  [update] datatables (1.10.11)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.6.1)
  [update] jquery (2.2.3)
  [update] jquery.precise (1.0.18)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.1)
  [update] jquery.fancytree (2.17.0)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.0)
  [update] jsdiff (2.2.2)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.1.406)
  [update] maplace-js (0.2.7)
  [update] matchMedia (0.3.0)
  [update] metrics-graphics (2.9.0)
  [update] second (2.12.0)
  [update] ng-idle (1.2.0)
  [update] ngmap (1.17.3)
  [update] parsleyjs (2.3.7)
  [update] tablesorter (2.25.0)
  [update] tinymce (4.3.8)
  [update] uikit (2.26.2)
  [update] velocity (1.2.3)
  [bugs] angularjs model efficiency points
  [bugs] Tooltips in modal
  [bugs] Sidebar tooltips (mini sidebar)
  [bugs] Metrics Graphics tooltips (plugins/charts)
  [bugs] fastened difficulty with '_md_precompiled_colors.much less' when compiling much less to css
  [bugs] shut FAB pace dial when small FAB is clicked
  [bugs] leaping high menu
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.4.0 (12.02.2016)
  [new] RTL model
  [new] Breadcrumbs
  [new] Footer
  [new] Progress bar in playing cards
  [new] Inline textual content editor
  [new] Social media buttons
  [new] Fullscreen playing cards fastened header
  [new] Selectize tooltip
  [update] No-autosize textareas
  [bugs] File enter cellular view
  [bugs] [app] Titles in wizard
  [bugs] [app] Gant chart present/disguise
  [bugs] Chartist replace on sidebar shut
  [bugs] Issues when printing invoices
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.3.0 (08.01.2016)
  [new] Tree plugin (simpleTree)
  [new] Slideshow plugin
  [new] File enter plugin (dropify)
  [new] 2 new themes
  [new] Main menu accordion mode
  [new] Main menu submenu
  [new] Wave impact for buttons
  [updated] Material Design Icons
  [updated][app] CountUp new choices
  [updated][app] Fixed points with
  [updated][app] added 'momentDate' filter
  [updated] Fixed points with Datepicker place
  [updated] Fixed points with type components in card-fullscreen
  [updated] Fixed points with modal (boxed format)
  [updated] Updated choose factor types
  [updated][bower] chartist (0.9.5)
  [updated][bower] ckeditor (4.5.6)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.10.0)
  [updated][bower] d3 (3.5.12)
  [updated][bower] datatables (1.10.10)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.6.2)
  [updated][bower] fullcalendar (2.5.0)
  [updated][bower] hammerjs (2.0.6)
  [updated][bower] jquery.inputmask (3.2.5)
  [updated][bower] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.10)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1214)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.24.3)
  [updated][bower] screenfull (3.0.0)
  [updated][bower] tinymce (4.3.2)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.1)
  [updated][bower] maplace.js (0.2.5)
  [updated][bower] angular-animate (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-datatables (0.5.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.9)
  [updated][bower] angular-metrics-graphics (0.1.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-useful resource (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-sanitize (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-wizard (0.6.1)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.16.3)
  [updated][bower] oclazyload (1.0.9)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.2.0 (13.11.2015)
  [new] Issues List/Details web page
  [new] CRUD Table
  [updated] Sidebar Chat
  [updated] Top Menu Layout
  [updated] Cards Example
  [updated] Dropdowns instance
  [updated] Added "_" prefix to LESS information
  [updated] Added lightbox parts from uikit
  [updated][APP] Page preloader
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.6)
  [updated][bower] angular-utils-pagination (0.9.2)
  [updated][bower] autosize (3.0.14)
  [updated][bower] clndr (1.3.14)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.8.0)
  [updated][bower] countUP.js (1.6.0)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.0)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1111)
  [removed][bower] magnific-popup
  [updated][bower] metrics-graphics (2.7.0)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.14.9)
  [updated][bower] tablesorter (2.23.5)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.23.0)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.1.0 (21.10.2015)
  [new] Blog List web page
  [new] Blog Article web page
  [new] Gallery web page
  [new] Pricing Tables web page
  [new] FAB Buttons web page (transitions)
  [new] Collapsible Panels web page
  [new] tinyMCE plugin
  [new] jsdiff plugin
  [new] Fullscreen plugin
  [new] Full Header format
  [new] Boxed format
  [new] Top menu
  [new] Color bars for playing cards
  [new] Right aspect icons on lists
  [updated][HTML] Dragula.js (3.5.2)
  [updated][APP] angualar-dragula(1.1.3)
  [updated] Added small tooltip
  [updated] Added warning colour to FAB
  [updated] Added tooltips to FAB
  [updated] Added choice to reinitailize selects (wizard instance)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.0.0 (29.09.2015)
  [new] AngularJS model
  [new] Long textual content in tooltips
  [updated] autosize (3.0.12)
  [updated] ckeditor (4.5.3)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.16)
  [updated] codemirror (5.7.0)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.9)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] ion.rangeslider (2.1.1)
  [updated] jquery-mapael (1.1.0)
  [updated] jquery.precise (1.0.17)
  [updated] jquery.inputmask (3.2.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui (2015.2.902)
  [updated] tablesorter (2.23.4)
  [updated] uikit (2.22.0)
  [updated] waypoints (4.0.0)
  [updated] climate-icons (2.0.10)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.3.0 (18.08.2015)
  [new] WYSIWYG Editor (forms_wysiwyg.html)
  [new] Tablesorter plugin (plugins_tablesorter.html)
  [new] Sortable plugin Dragula.js (components_sortable.html,page_scrum_board.html)
  [new] Tables Examples (components_tables_examples.html)
  [new] Tabable secondary sidebar (index.html)
  [updated] Changed kendoUI concentated js title (kendoui_custom.js;kendoui_custom.min.js)
  [updated] Added instance with multiline tolltip (components_tooltips.html)
  [updated] chartist (0.9.4)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.8)
  [updated] fullcalendar (2.4.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.805+SP1)
  [updated] marked (0.3.5)
  [updated] parsleyjs (2.1.3)
  [updated] climate-icons (2.0.1)
  [bug] Fixed hierarhical animation when there is just one factor
  [bug] Fixed nestable deal with element
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.2.0 (08.08.2015)
  [new] code editor with file enhancing (php) (page_code_editor.html)
  [new] chartist chart (plugins_charts.html)
  [new] model switcher with predefined themes
  [new] high menu
  [new] mini sidebar
  [new] materials design colours (components_colors.html)
  [new] typography instance web page (components_typography.php)
  [updated] foremost sidebar visible modifications (materials design)
  [updated] foremost scrollable space modified from #page_content to html (fastened some points with cellular gadgets and plugins)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.1.0 (28.07.2015)
  [new] chat web page (page_chat.html)
  [new] scrum board web page (page_scrum_board.html)
  [new] todo web page (page_todo.html)
  [new] type wizard (forms_wizard.html)
  [new] register type (login.html)
  [new] 'swipe to open' gesture added (foremost sidebar, contact gadgets, 2 fingers, left edge)
  [bug] fastened difficulty with customized scrollbars on mac os x [firefox]
  [bug] fastened focus error/success state for textual content inputs (focus) (forms_validation.html)
  [bug] added lacking kendoUI pictures (kendoui_*.html)
  [new] added alert information model (components_common.html)
  [updated] second (2.10.6)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.727)
  [updated] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.8)
  [updated] jquery.dotdotdot (1.7.4)
  [updated] ionrangeslider (2.0.12)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.15)
  [updated] FAB button animation when displaying choices (components_buttons.html)
  [updated] gulp duties (cleanup and minor modifications)
  [updateed] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.0.0 (24.07.2015)
  Initial Release


Other Info

Avatars and Ecommerce pictures are usually not included in Altair bundle


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OneUI – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit

OneUI – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit


OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 1OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 2OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 3(*8*)

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 5

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 6

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 7

OneUI is an excellent versatile Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template and UI framework with Laravel 8 assist that can allow you to construct every kind of pages utilizing the identical quick and highly effective structure. OneUI was constructed with Sass and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and comes filled with sensible developer instruments similar to webpack 5, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer and Browsersync which can prevent time and aid you construct your undertaking quicker and extra effectively. It comes filled with each HTML and PHP variations that can assist you rocket begin your undertaking your method. A Laravel 8 Starter Kit can be included that can assist you construct your Laravel 8 based mostly undertaking. It is totally modular with many distinctive options and can aid you construct your subsequent superior concept.

OneUI Vue Edition is a pure Vue.js model of OneUI Remastered. It is constructed with Vue CLI, Vue.js, Vue Router, Vuex and BootstrapVue and included within the bundle since 4.6 replace. You may also purchase a separate license in case you are solely taken with Vue.js based mostly tasks.

OneUI is knowledgeable, versatile, fashionable, absolutely featured admin template that can be utilized to create the UI for all type of tasks: Web Applications, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, CRM or perhaps a Portfolio, Blog, Business Website. We encourage you to have a great take a look at dwell preview and uncover all of the included options!

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 8

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 9

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 10

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 11

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 12

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 13
OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 14

Testimonials from Customer Reviews

OneUI - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template, Vuejs & Laravel 8 Starter Kit - 15

Testimonials from Customer Comments

“Hey pixelcave : what a nice one ! No doubt it’s the best admin template ! – So nice pack ! Really well coded !!”

“Great + fast template!! – I like your modular + clean approach!”

“Great, Nice work, I very like it.”

“Beautiful template! Looking very much forward to using it’”

“Sweet! I already built-in this template into my workflow. I mistakenly purchased one of many earlier than buying this one and instantly needed to take care of 27 console errors. I loaded OneUI, and it was excellent, no console errors.

I really like the truth that many of the plugins and options are OPTIONAL. This is unquestionably a developer-pleasant admin template. Thanks once more. :-)”

“Simple, clean, elegant and perfect. Thank you for the time you spent on this! ;-)”

“I don’t even preview your templates. I just buy them instantly as I found it available. Awesome works. and they’re crafted with <3 I believe.”

“Great! Thank you so much, your theme were perfect to my project, easy to use and complete.”

“The documentation is very clear! I love the ‘01 ’ OneUI Get Started’ set! It help me fit into my template engine quickly! Love the ‘assets/js/core’ and ‘assets/js/plugins’ separation! This, combined with the documentation, help me determine which js is essential for my app.”

“This theme is well done, clear and clean. Really amazing: if someone is thinking about it, buy it without any doubt.”

“I really love this Theme, you’ve done excellent work ! Thank you.”

“Congrats on the very awesome admin ui, clean and elegant you have here!”

“Hi Pixel, I’m actually working with your template (for some time now) and after hours and hours of searching through themeforest, it seems that yours is the best (at least for me). I’m very happy to work with it. This theme is clean, beautiful and simple to get started with.”

“Hello pixelcave, I am very impressed with your theme. I’ve purchased 6 or so, but yours is the first one that I find is truly functional cross-platform. Excellent job! Best wishes & keep up this quality >>> Wow!.”

“All this for 22$ ’!!!!!! I am blown away’ It could be 120$, and I would still feel the same. Amazing attention to detail and dedication. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.”

“Just bought this morning and i am so shock(read: happy) to see the package already included php files version whereby I straight away can use this package for my php development without converting all the files from html to php. Php ready makes me really happy with this purchase!  :) :)”

“Really really awesome! Thank you very much!”


4.8 Update – October 15, 2020


    • Laravel Starter Kit is now based mostly on Laravel 8

    • Focus state was added to dam buttons/hyperlinks

    • .blur() to set off(‘blur’) in JS code

    • Bootstrap 4.5.3 (4.5.2)
    • Font Awesome 5.15.1 (5.14.0) – 14 new icons
    • FullCalendar 5.3.2 (5.3.0)
    • CropperJS 1.5.9 (1.5.7)
    • CKEditor5 23.0.0 (21.0.0)
    • CKEditor 4.15.0 (4.14.1)
    • SimpleBar 5.3.0 (5.2.1)
    • SweetAlert2 10.5.1 (9.17.1)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 8.10.0 (7.26.0)

4.7 Update – August 26, 2020



    • Page Design

    • Typography, structure and design enhancements all through all pages
    • All coloration themes had been improved
    • Default font modified to Inter as an alternative of Open Sans

    • SimpleMDE Editor FontAwesome battle
    • Bootstrap Tooltip/Popover positions

    • Bootstrap 4.5.0 (4.4.1)
    • jQuery 3.5.1 (3.4.1)
    • Font Awesome 5.14.0 (5.13.0) – 48 new icons
    • FullCalendar 5.2.0 (3.10.2)
    • Bootstrap Maxlength 1.10.0 (1.6.0)
    • CropperJS 1.5.7 (1.5.6)
    • CKEditor 4.14.1 (4.12.1)
    • KnowledgeTables 1.10.21 (1.10.20)
    • Dropzone 5.7.1 (5.7.0)
    • FullCalendar 5.2.0 (3.10.1)
    • jVectorMap 3.1.1 (3.1.0)
    • jQuery Validation 1.19.2 (1.19.1)
    • SimpleBar 5.2.1 (5.1.0)
    • SweetAlert2 9.17.1 (9.10.7)
    • Summernote 0.8.18 (0.8.12)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 7.26.0 (7.3.0)

4.6 Update – April 1, 2020


    • OneUI Vue Edition

    • FontAwesome 5.13.0 (5.12.1) – 26 new icons!
    • jVectorMap 3.1.1 (3.1.0)
    • SweetAlert2 9.10.7 (9.10.2)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 7.3.0 (7.1.3)

4.5 Update – March 18, 2020


    • Laravel Starter Kit is now based mostly on Laravel 7

    • Button design in .content material-header (sidebar/facet overlay)
    • White coloration background to customized kind controls

    • FontAwesome 5.12.1 (5.12.0) – 8 new icons!
    • Dropzone 5.7.0 (5.5.1)
    • Gmaps.js 0.4.25 (0.4.24)
    • SweetAlert2 9.10.2 (9.7.1)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 7.1.3 (6.13.1)

    • OneUI 3.5 legacy variations

4.4 Update – February 1, 2020



    • Various design enhancements to major navigation, components and structure
    • Default grid gutters at the moment are smaller on mobiles to match with major content material’s padding
    • Docs: Laravel Starter Kit part was up to date with new data

    • Various small markup fixes all through instance pages

    • FontAwesome 5.12.0 (5.10.2) – 186 new icons!
    • Bootstrap 4.4.1 (4.3.1)
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 3.2.0 (3.1.2)
    • Bootstrap Tourist 0.3.2 (0.2.1)
    • Chart.js 2.9.3 (2.8.0)
    • Cropper.js 1.5.6 (1.5.5)
    • KnowledgeTables 1.10.20 (1.10.19)
    • Flatpickr 4.6.3 (4.6.2)
    • Highlight.js 9.16.2 (9.12.0)
    • Ion Rangeslider 2.3.1 (2.3.0)
    • jVectorMap Next 3.1.0 (3.0.0)
    • Popper.js 1.16.1 (1.15.0)
    • Select2 4.0.13 (4.0.10)
    • Simplebar 5.1.0 (4.2.1)
    • SweetAlert2 9.7.1 (8.17.1)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 6.13.1 (6.0)

4.3 Update – September 12, 2019



    • Max width set to major content material
    • Docs: Instructions had been added for recreating demo pages in Laravel Starter Kit from the HTML model

    • Enabled enter key in textareas in Form Wizard & Validation examples

    • jQuery 3.4.1 (3.3.1)
    • FontAwesome 5.10.2 (5.8.1) – 58 new icons!
    • Bootstrap Colorpicker 3.1.2 (3.1.1)
    • Bootstrap Datepicker 1.9.0 (1.8.0)
    • SweetAlert2 8.17.1 (8.8.1)
    • Cropper.js 1.5.5 (1.5.1)
    • CKEditor 4.12.1 (4.11.3)
    • Select2 4.0.10 (4.0.5)
    • Simplebar 4.2.1 (2.6.1)
    • Summernote 0.8.12 (0.8.11)
    • JS Cookie 2.2.1 (2.2.0)
    • FullCalendar 3.10.1 (3.10.0)
    • jQuery Validation 1.19.1 (1.19.0)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 6.0 (5.8)

4.2 Update – April 8, 2019

4.1 Update – February 7, 2019



    • Form validation helper is now added and can be utilized to use default choices earlier than your customized guidelines (optionally available)
    • Font Awesome 5 Pro assist out of the field

    • SweetAlert2 console deprecations messages
    • Removed define model from hyperlinks (seen on Firefox)

    • Bootstrap 4.2.1 (4.1.3)
    • FontAwesome 5.7.1 (5.3.1) – 219 new icons!
    • 12 libraries/plugins
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel 5.7.25 (5.7.6)
    • Laravel Starter Kit: Laravel Mix 4.0.14 (2.1.14)
4.0 Release - October 2, 2018
3.5 Update - October 2, 2018
- Updated: 16 plugins and libraries
- Improved: Checkable Table helper performance
- Improved: Bootstrap Datepicker dropdown padding
3.4 Update - January 15, 2018
3.3 Update - October 24, 2017
3.2 Update - May 13, 2017
3.1 Update - January 17, 2017
3.0 Update - October 4, 2016
2.2 Update - July 15, 2016
2.1 Update - May 19, 2016
2.0 Update - March 11, 2016
1.4 Update - January 22, 2016
1.3 Update - November 17, 2015
1.2 Update - September 1, 2015
1.1 Update - July 25, 2015
1.0 Release - June 20, 2015

Key Features

OneUI was constructed with additional care and love, based mostly on the precious suggestions we preserve receiving over the numerous years we work on dashboard tasks. It follows one of the best practices and makes use of the newest applied sciences. It will allow you to construct quick, dependable, consumer pleasant net purposes and web sites that can look nice and work seamlessly throughout numerous screens and units. It shall be a precious software that can aid you create the product that can provoke the feelings and credibility you need for what you are promoting.

One Powerful Layout
OneUI’s structure was constructed from the bottom as much as be versatile, light-weight and simple to make use of. It will allow you to construct every kind of pages that look and work nice.

Bootstrap 4
OneUI relies on the newest model of the world’s hottest entrance-finish element library. It is a serious rewrite of virtually your complete undertaking and comes filled with a number of modifications and options that make it the best launch until now.

Super-Fast UI
GPU powered sidebar animations and sensible CSS types will guarantee an excellent-quick expertise to your cellular and desktop customers.

Built with Sass
OneUI CSS framework was constructed with Sass following a very modular method. It is simple to know, customise and prolong to meet your wants or undertaking’s necessities.

Automation (Gulp 4, webpack 5, Babel 7, Browsersync, Autoprefixer)
OneUI comes filled with the newest instruments already set as much as work out of the field. Just a console command away from begin coding your undertaking. You don’t have to consider ES6 or Sass compilation, CSS prefixes, net server or dwell refreshing. Everything simply works, so you possibly can focus in your work.

Choose the one which higher matches your undertaking’s necessities.

Get Started Version
A manufacturing prepared model with boilerplate pages is included within the bundle. It will aid you rocket begin your undertaking.

RTL Support
Boilerplate RTL pages are additionally included in ‘Get Started’ Version that can assist you as a place to begin to your RTL undertaking.

Laravel 8 Starter Kit
Rocket begin your customized Laravel undertaking with the included starter equipment! It features a few web page examples and major belongings able to work with Laravel Mix out of the field.

Custom JS APIs
Manipulate blocks and structure any method you need.

Clean Code
Code that’s straightforward to learn, comply with and manipulate with many inline feedback that can assist you alongside the best way.

Ready Pages
All sorts of prepared pages designed with consideration to element. Get impressed and create your personal.

Font Awesome 5
OneUI comes filled with the newest model of the most well-liked icon pack on the planet.

Carefully picked and built-in third-get together JS elements that can enrich your pages with out bloating your workflow.

In the bundle, you’ll find the OneUI Docs which may turn into a precious software in getting aware of the general construction and serving to you begin your undertaking quicker.

We get to know you higher by constantly listening to your suggestions. This method, we study the place to focus our efforts and construct/enhance high quality merchandise to higher match your wants.

Handcrafted Design

We are passionate with what we do and love crafting merchandise that may make your life simpler and aid you succeed. We take note of small particulars and all the time aiming for one of the best.

We are dedicated to our work and stand by our tasks. Our goal is to enhance them in each replace and supply essentially the most full-featured packages with the smallest doable footprint.

Less is More
We consider that design ought to be invisible and improve the consumer expertise, not get in the best way. This offers room to your content material to breath and attracts your customers’ consideration to the appropriate place.


Although OneUI is nicely commented & documented, you would possibly want some additional assist, so be at liberty to contact us via our profile’s contact form. We shall be very happy to help you as quickly as doable!


  • The content material within the template is fictional and doesn’t signify precise performance except it’s acknowledged in any other case. It is used just for demonstration and for populating the pages with examples.
  • MyPhotoPack offers superior free pictures. Thanks to its license, all the photographs are included with the template!
  • Avatars are included solely within the dwell preview as an indication.
  • generates random consumer names. The names used within the template are fictional and
    used for demonstration functions.


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