Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: From being called Cheeku by MSD to becoming India’s most handsome and trendy man, here’s why Captain Kohli decided to get fit – fashion and trends

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is definitely among the finest batsmen, and not simply that, he aces all codecs of the sport. The Indian Team captain and IPL Team Royal Challengers Bangalore captain can be one of many fittest cricketers we’ve got seen, and he’s typically giving his followers health inspiration by posting his exercises on his social media. In truth in accordance to a analysis report launched by the Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB) immediately Virat Kohli is seen to be India’s Most Trendy and additionally leads the India’s Most Handsome record. In truth Captain Kohli and his Bollywood actor spouse, Anushka Sharma are seen to be the most Trendy Power Couple in accordance to the report. Virat and Anushka expect their first baby collectively.

However Virat, who’s celebrating his thirty second birthday immediately, wasn’t at all times as fit as he’s now. Back within the day (2007) Virat was called Cheeku due to his chubby cheeks. In an interview on stage with Bollywood actor Amir Khan, Kohli had stated, “During under 17, I had a haircut due to which my ears looked big, So everyone called me Cheeku rabbit. Eventually Mahendra Singh Dhoni started and stump mic did it’s job. (sic)”

In one other interview he had stated, “I got my name from the coach I had when I was playing Ranji cricket team. I used to have big cheeks back then. In 2007, I thought I am losing hair. So I got my hair cut really short. I had big ears. I looked like a clown. We used to have this comic book Champak at that time. In which there was a character ‘Cheeku the rabbit’. So my coach used to call me Cheeku the rabbit. From there the name was picked up and now it has gone everywhere.”


In one other interview with Telegraph, Kohli shared how he was virtually 12 kgs heavier, would drink virtually every day and not care for his well being till he decided to change that. He stated, “Duncan (Fletcher, cricket coach) told me once that he feels cricket is the most unprofessional of professional sports. You can have the skill but do not think you need to train as much as a tennis player. But I realised if you want to stay on top playing three formats in this day and age you need a routine.”

“My coaching was horrible, I ate so unhealthy, I used to be up till late, I used to be having a drink or two repeatedly. It was a horrible mindset. The season ended and I used to be so grateful it was over. I went dwelling, got here out of the bathe someday and checked out myself within the mirror and stated ‘you can’t appear to be this if you’d like to be an expert cricketer.’

Virat appears unrecognisable on this advert with Anushka from 2013

“I was 11 or 12kgs heavier than I am now, I was really chubby. I changed everything from the next morning from what I eat to how I train. I was in the gym for an hour-and-a-half every day. Working really hard, off gluten, off wheat, no cold drinks, no desserts, nothing. It was tough.

“For the first two months I felt I wanted to eat the bed sheet when I went to sleep because I was so hungry. I was craving taste. I was craving delicious food. But then I saw the results. I felt quick around the field. I would wake up in morning and feel like I had energy.


“From 2015 I changed my training again. I started lifting, snatching, cleaning and dead lifting. It was unbelievable. I saw the result. I remember running after a ball in a Test series in Sri Lanka and I felt more power in my legs. It was, like, ‘wow’. This training is addictive. The last year-and-a-half it has taken my game to another level,” he concluded.

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