Kolkata Police to launch ‘no helmet, no fuel’ rule – kolkata

In order to make sporting helmets necessary and adopted by commuters strictly, the Kolkata Police will launch ‘o helmet, no fuel’ rule for 2-wheeler drivers. The ‘no helmet no petrol’ rule will proceed for 60 days.

The new rule will proceed until February 5 as a part of efforts to test fatalities due to two-wheeler accidents.

“No petrol pumps in the city shall sell petrol to any such two-wheeler rider who arrives at the petrol pump without a helmet or is carrying a pillion rider without a helmet,” stated a police officer.

“It has been observed that several instances of two wheeler riders riding without helmet as well as carrying pillion riders without helmet have been reported and occurrences of such infringement of rules have increased manifold,” Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma stated within the order issued on December 4.

‘No Helmet No Petrol shall be enforced within the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police to the effect that no petrol pump shall henceforth sell petrol to any such two wheeler rider who arrives at the petrol pump riding two-wheeler without wearing helmet as well as carries pillion rider without helmet in contravention of provisions as enumerated under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act’, the order learn.

Nearly half of over 1.8 million autos registered in Kolkata in 2019 had been two-wheelers. The variety of two-wheelers went up from round 83,00,00 to round 93,00,00 between 2017 and 2019.

The police registered round 93,855 instances of rash driving in 2019. One out of each three such rash driving instances, round 32,600 instances, concerned two-wheelers.

Earlier authorities in Noida, Aligarh and Bengaluru enforced such guidelines.

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