Altair – Admin Material Design UIkit Template

Altair – Admin Material Design UIkit Template


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Altair Admin Template

Altair is an expert HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template based mostly on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been constructed with Bower (bundle supervisor), Gulp (streaming construct device) and Handlebars.js (templating system).

Latest replace

// v2.22 (10.03.2020)
  [new][all] Collapsible columns
  [new][all] Expanded Top Bar (filters)
  [update][all] "c3js-chart": "~0.7.15" 
  [update][all] "chartist": "^0.11.4" 
  [update][all] "ckeditor": "^4.13.1" 
  [update][all] "clndr": "~1.5.1" 
  [update][all] "codemirror": "^5.52.0" 
  [update][all] "cropper": "~4.1.0" 
  [update][all] "datatables-buttons": "^1.6.1" 
  [update][all] "echarts": "^4.6.0" 
  [update][all] "jquery": "~3.4.1" 
  [update][all] "jQuery-contextMenu": "^2.9.0" 
  [update][all] "jquery.inputmask": "~4.0.8" 
  [update][all] "kendo-ui": "~2020.x" 
  [update][all] "marked": "^0.8.0" 
  [update][all] "matchMedia": "~0.3.2" 
  [update][all] "parsleyjs": "^2.9.1" 
  [update][all] "pdfmake": "^0.1.65" 
  [update][all] "push.js": "^1.0.12" 
  [update][all] "raphael": "~2.3.0" 
  [update][all] "screenfull": "^5.0.2" 
  [update][all] "tinymce": "^5.2.0" 
  [update][html] "handlebars": "^4.7.3" 
  [update][app] "angular": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-cookies": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-resource": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][app] "angular-sanitize": "^1.7.9" 
  [update][all][npm] up to date dev dependencies
  [bug][all] eliminated fastClick (contact gadgets)
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

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Altair Responsive Design

Altair Material Design

Altair Easy Customization

Altair Custom Pages

Features List

  • Material Design
  • Based on UIkit
  • Easily customizable (much less information)
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Responsive format
  • High Resolution
  • RTL
  • Custom pages: Invoices, User Profile, User Edit, Mailbox and extra
  • Custom parts

    • Accordions
    • Dropdowns
    • Dynamic Grid
    • Lightbox/Modal
    • Nestable
    • Sortable
    • Notifications
    • Preloaders
    • Tabs
  • Integrated KendoUI parts
  • Integrated charting libraries: c3.js and MetricsGraphics.js
  • Integrated plugins: Datatbles, Full Calendar, Maplace (Google Maps), Mapael (Vector Maps) and extra
  • Integrated type parts:

    • Sliders
    • Advanced choose
    • Datepicker
    • Timepicker
    • Masked inputs
    • Html Editor
    • File uploader

Your Voice

I’m open to any ideas relating to Altair Material Design Premium Template, if in case you have an concept/suggestion/request please let me know. I’ll attempt to add it to Altair. Thanks.


// v2.21 (06.03.2019)
  [new][all] Clear button for enter fields
  [new][app] ui-choose validation
  [update][all] File Manager (elfinder): 2.1.48
  [update][all][bower] c3js-chart: ~0.6.12
  [update][all][bower] ckeditor: ^4.11.3
  [update][all][bower] codemirror: ^5.44.0
  [update][all][bower] datatables: ^1.10.19
  [update][all][bower] datatables-buttons: ^1.5.4
  [update][all][bower] fullcalendar: ^3.10.0
  [update][all][bower] handlebars: ^4.1.0
  [update][all][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: ^2.8.0
  [update][all][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2.x
  [update][all][bower] jquery.inputmask: ~4.0.6
  [update][all][bower] jquery-mockjax: ^2.5.0
  [update][all][bower] jtable: ~2.6.0
  [update][all][bower] kendo-ui: ~2019.x
  [update][all][bower] second: ~2.24.0
  [update][all][bower] pdfmake: ^0.1.53
  [update][all][bower] push.js: ^1.0.9
  [update][all][bower] screenfull: ^4.0.1
  [update][all][bower] selectize: ~0.12.6
  [update][all][bower] tinymce: ^5.0.1
  [update][all][bower] dropzone: ^5.5.0
  [update][app][bower] angular: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-cookies: ^1.7.7,
  [update][app][bower] angular-useful resource: ^1.7.7
  [update][app][bower] angular-sanitize: ^1.7.7
  [update][all][npm] dev dependencies up to date to newest variations
  [bug][all] fastened fullscreen mode
  [bug][all] fastened preloader present/disguise capabilities
  [bug][all] fastened tour plugin (enjoyhint) scroll difficulty
  [bug][all] fastened footer margin when mini sidebar is energetic
  [bug][app] modal cleanup when altering pages
  [bug][html] fastened scrollbars flash throughout bill present
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.20.1 (08.07.2018)
  [update] Material Design Icons (v38)
  [bug] mailbox group/ungroup messages
  [bug] TinyMCE fullscreen mode
  [bug] hello-res cost pictures

// v2.20.0 (23.06.2018)
  [new] Forum Pages
  [new] Dropzone plugin
  [new] Table Tree instance
  [update] added potential to take away single factor in selectize  plugin
  [update] up to date materials design icons to newest model
  [update] disabled swipe gesture for UIKit tabs globally ( swiping: false )
  [update] added delay to update_inputs perform on init (to make browser autofill works)
  [update] added new select2 instance ( nation flags )
  [update] screenfull icons are actually altering on enter/exit fullscreen mode
  [update][npm] dev dependencies up to date to newest variations
  [update][bower] up to date bower parts to newest variations, noticeable modifications: d3 (5.x) and ui-router (1.x)
  [bug] fastened validation for enter teams
  [bug] fastened bower hyperlink for uikit framework
  [bug] fastened tooltips on contact gadgets (ios)
  [bug] fastened selectize dropdown container on contact gadgets
  [bug] fastened black theme for some parts/components
  [bug] [app] crud desk masked inputs initialization for brand spanking new entries
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.13.0 (17.01.2018)
  [new] Gallery Page v2
  [new] Login Page v2
  [new][html] Select 2 plugin
  [new][app] ui-choose plugin
  [update] Gantt Chart (replace date after transfer/resize occasion;rewritten getBoundaryDatesFromData perform)
  [update] added fastened column to Scrum Board
  [update] added customized scrollbar to sidebar (mailbox v2)
  [update] added multi-stage menu (high menu format)
  [update] added search field to record exterior (invoices web page)
  [update] added drag&drop for selectize plugin
  [update] added icons to submenu gadgets (foremost sidebar)
  [update] up to date npm modules
  [update][bower] c3js-chart: 0.4.18
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.8.0
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.7
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.33.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.9.3
  [update][bower] cropper: 3.1.3
  [update][bower] datatables: 1.10.16
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.8.5
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.8.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.11
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.6.3
  [update][bower] jquery-idletimer: 1.0.2
  [update][bower] jquery.precise: 1.0.19
  [update][bower] jquery.dotdotdot: 2
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.11
  [update][bower] jquery.scrollbar: 0.2.11
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] maplace-js: 0.2.10
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.12
  [update][bower] second: 2.20.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.8.0
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.35
  [update][bower] peity: 3.2.1
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.5
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.7
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.4
  [update][bower] switchery: 0.8.2
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.7.4
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.1
  [update][bower] jquery-listnav: 2.4
  [update][bower] select2: 4.x
  [update][bower] dropify: 0.2.2
  [bug] fastened md-card-single peak calculation
  [bug] fastened difficulty with push notifications
  [bug] minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.12.0 (19.08.2017) ============
  [new][html] X-editable plugin
  [new] Pricing Page v2
  [new] Payment Page
  [new] User heading with background
  [new] Payment icons
  [new][angular] CRUD desk
  [update] Selectize delayed initialization
  [update] Chatbox message enter subject (changed by textarea)
  [update][bower] autosize: 4.0.0
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.11.0
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.7.1
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.27.4
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.5
  [update][bower] datatbles: 1.10.15
  [update][bower] datatbles-buttons: 1.4.0
  [update][bower] echarts: 3.6.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.4.0
  [update][bower] handlebars: 4.0.10
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] jquery-inputmask: 3.3.7
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.3.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.2.621
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.2
  [update][bower] pdfmake: 0.1.32
  [update][bower] push.js: 1.0.4
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.6.5
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.4
  [update][bower][angular] angular 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-sanitize 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-useful resource 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-cookies 1.6.6
  [update][bower][angular] angular-datatables 0.6.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-echarts 1.0.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-ui-router 0.4.2
  [update][bower][angular] angular-wizard 1.1.1
  [update][bower][angular] oclazyload 1.1.0
  [update] npm dev dependencies
  [bug] Selectize validation
  [bug] Top menu format header
  [bug][RTL] Fixed textual content path when printing
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.11.0 (05.05.2017)
  [new] Quiz Page
  [new] Mailbox Page
  [new][RTL] Landing Page
  [new] Contact List Page v2
  [new] Animations Page (MD)
  [new] Timeline Page
  [new] Smooth Scroll Component
  [new] Sourcemaps for CSS
  [update] FAB hover mode
  [update] Dynamic types in modal and wizard
  [update] Optgroups for selectize element
  [update][bower] chartist: 0.10.1
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.6.2
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.25.0
  [update][bower] countUp.js: 1.8.3
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.3.1
  [update][bower] jQuery-contextMenu: 2.4.4
  [update][bower] jquery-mapael: 2.1.0
  [update][bower] jsdiff: 3.2.0
  [update][bower] jtable: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2017.1.330
  [update][bower] second: 2.18.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.7.0
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.1.0
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.5.6
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.5.0
  [update] Added validation for datepicker and selectize
  [bug][RTL] Fixed few KendoUI parts (combobox, autocomplete and so forth.)
  [bug][Landing Page] Fixed animations delay in chrome browser
  [bug] Fixed isssue with UIkit in bower
  [bug] Dynamic grid initialization (watch for all pictures to load)
  [bug] Images on hello-res shows
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.10.0 (03.02.2017)
  [new] Charts (Echarts)
  [new] Horizontal contact playing cards
  [new] Grid/List View
  [new][app] Dynamic Forms
  [update] Dynamic Forms rebuild (now utilizing handlebars)
  [update] New choices for gantt charts (showToday, startToday)
  [update] Added choice to open person chosen accordion part
  [bug] Added types for uk-navbar-model
  [bug] Fixed customized scrollbar in foremost sidebar
  [bug] Fixed UIKit autocomplete choose callback not triggered for contact gadgets
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.9.1 (21.10.2016)
  [bug] Fixed difficulty with Chatboxes JS
  [bug][landing_page] Fixed difficulty with the Scrollspy components not aligned correctly

// v2.9.0 (20.10.2016)
  [new] Chatboxes
  [new] Sticky Notes
  [new] Push Notifications plugin
  [new] Context Menu plugin
  [new][landing_page] Timeline
  [update] Gantt Chart (begin/finish date; sub-collection; customized titles/hyperlinks)
  [update] FullCalendar record view
  [update][bower] ckeditor: 4.5.11
  [update][bower] clndr: 1.4.6
  [update][bower] codemirror: 5.19.0
  [update][bower] cropper: 2.3.4
  [update][bower] datatables-buttons: 1.2.2
  [update][bower] fullcalendar: 3.0.1
  [update][bower] jquery-ui: 1.12.1
  [update][bower] jquery.inputmask: 3.3.3
  [update][bower] kendo-ui: 2016.3.1007
  [update][bower] marked: 0.3.6
  [update][bower] second: 2.15.1
  [update][bower] parsleyjs: 2.5.0
  [update][bower] raphael: 2.2.6
  [update][bower] screenfull: 3.0.2
  [update][bower] selectize: 0.12.3
  [update][bower] tinymce: 4.4.3
  [update][bower] uikit: 2.27.1
  [update][bower] velocity: 1.3.1
  [update][bower] waypoints: 4.0.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-datatables: 0.5.5
  [update][app][bower] angular-dragula: 1.2.8
  [update][app][bower] angular-ui-router: 0.3.1
  [update][app][bower] angular-wizard: 0.9.0
  [update][app][bower] c3-angular: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ng-idle: 1.3.1
  [update][app][bower] ngmap: 1.17.6
  [bug] Fixed Close button in CRUD desk modal
  [bug] Content preloaders
  [bug][RTL] Tour plugins (mislocated components)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.8.0 (17.08.2016)
  [new] Image Cropper plugin
  [update] ColVis and TableInstruments changed by Buttons
  [update] added CTA Button to Landing Page (in Header)
  [update][RTL] fastened "Align Character Widget" desk
  [update] added indicator for month/12 months (datepicker)
  [update] added border to javascript buttons
  [update] selectize validation
  [update] autosize (3.0.17)
  [update] c3js-chart (0.4.11)
  [update] chartist (0.9.8)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.10)
  [update] clndr (1.4.5)
  [update] codemirror (5.17.0)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.1)
  [update] datatables (1.10.12)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.9.0)
  [update] jquery-mapael (2.0.0)
  [update] jquery-ui (1.12.0)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.3)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.1)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.2.727)
  [update] second (2.14.1)
  [update] raphael (2.2.1)
  [update] tinymce (4.4.1)
  [update] uikit (2.26.4)
  [bug] added lacking KendoUI property (black theme, pictures and so forth.)
  [bug] double header themes
  [bug] IE9 compatibility (SVG)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.7.0 (28.06.2016)
  [new] Tour plugin
  [new] Filemanager plugin (standalone and built-in with WYSIWYG editors)
  [new] Slider element
  [new] Dark theme
  [new] Slim Menu
  [new] Dynamic type fields
  [new] Fullscreen card in modal
  [update] Scrum Board dropdowns
  [update][app] Autocomplete element
  [update] Whole Card might be clicked to set off fullscreen
  [update][app] Search Bar all the time seen
  [update] Table Examples checkboxes
  [update] FAB pace dial horizontal
  [update][html] Card progress colours relying on share
  [update] New Modal triggered from different modal instance
  [update] Javascript Buttons (checkboxes/radio)
  [update] Sidebars shut button
  [update] Removed uikit 'knowledge-uk-observe' (not wanted anymore)
  [update][app] rootScope $destroy faraway from app.js (moved to controllers)
  [update] Updated NPM modules to newest variations (./bundle.json)
  [bug][RTL] Small timeline
  [bug] wizard validation
  [bug] TinyMCE lacking icons
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.6.0 (16.05.2016)
  [new] Landing Page
  [bug] IE9 compatibility
  [bug] customized scrollbar place when mini sidebar is energetic

// v2.5.1 (27.04.2016)
  [new] textual hyperlinks in navbar (.navbar_link)
  [bug] wizard web page not working (AngularJS model)
  [bug] selectize z-index difficulty (AngularJS model)
  [bug] buttons (RTL model)
  [bug] gulp serve process (RTL model)
  [bug] CRUD desk dialog (RTL model)
  [bug] lacking uikit in login and error pages (AngularJS model)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.5.0 (16.04.2016)
  [new] Search Page (pages/search_results)
  [new] Session Timeout Plugin (plugins/idle_timeout)
  [new] Autocomplete Plugin
  [new] Tablesorter widgets (plugins/tablesorter)
  [new] Switcher Component (parts/switcher)
  [new] Mailbox motion buttons (mailbox)
  [new] Fancytree Plugin (changed tree plugin; plugins/tree)
  [new] Added header/footer to Invoices (invoices)
  [new] Fixed width for inputs (types/common)
  [new] Collapsed card on web page load (parts/panels)
  [new] Gulp construct process
  [update] Rebuilded gulp duties (./gulp-duties)
  [update] Top menu cellular pleasant (format/top_menu)
  [update] Datepicker in modal (no want to make use of further class anymore)
  [update] Material Design Icons (2.2.0)
  [update] Updated NPM modules to newest variations (./bundle.json)
  [update] Separated Themes (property/css/themes/)
  [update] angular (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-breadcrumb (0.4.1)
  [update] angular-cookies (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-datatables (0.5.4)
  [update] angular-dragula (1.2.6)
  [update] angular-useful resource (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-sanitize (1.5.3)
  [update] angular-ui-router (0.2.18)
  [update] autosize (3.0.15)
  [update] c3-angular (1.2.0)
  [update] chartist (0.9.7)
  [update] ckeditor (4.5.8)
  [update] clndr (1.4.1)
  [update] codemirror (5.13.4)
  [update] countUp.js (1.7.0)
  [update] d3 (3.5.16)
  [update] datatables (1.10.11)
  [update] fullcalendar (2.6.1)
  [update] jquery (2.2.3)
  [update] jquery.precise (1.0.18)
  [update] jquery.dotdotdot (1.8.1)
  [update] jquery.fancytree (2.17.0)
  [update] jquery.inputmask (3.3.0)
  [update] jsdiff (2.2.2)
  [update] kendo-ui (2016.1.406)
  [update] maplace-js (0.2.7)
  [update] matchMedia (0.3.0)
  [update] metrics-graphics (2.9.0)
  [update] second (2.12.0)
  [update] ng-idle (1.2.0)
  [update] ngmap (1.17.3)
  [update] parsleyjs (2.3.7)
  [update] tablesorter (2.25.0)
  [update] tinymce (4.3.8)
  [update] uikit (2.26.2)
  [update] velocity (1.2.3)
  [bugs] angularjs model efficiency points
  [bugs] Tooltips in modal
  [bugs] Sidebar tooltips (mini sidebar)
  [bugs] Metrics Graphics tooltips (plugins/charts)
  [bugs] fastened difficulty with '_md_precompiled_colors.much less' when compiling much less to css
  [bugs] shut FAB pace dial when small FAB is clicked
  [bugs] leaping high menu
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.4.0 (12.02.2016)
  [new] RTL model
  [new] Breadcrumbs
  [new] Footer
  [new] Progress bar in playing cards
  [new] Inline textual content editor
  [new] Social media buttons
  [new] Fullscreen playing cards fastened header
  [new] Selectize tooltip
  [update] No-autosize textareas
  [bugs] File enter cellular view
  [bugs] [app] Titles in wizard
  [bugs] [app] Gant chart present/disguise
  [bugs] Chartist replace on sidebar shut
  [bugs] Issues when printing invoices
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.3.0 (08.01.2016)
  [new] Tree plugin (simpleTree)
  [new] Slideshow plugin
  [new] File enter plugin (dropify)
  [new] 2 new themes
  [new] Main menu accordion mode
  [new] Main menu submenu
  [new] Wave impact for buttons
  [updated] Material Design Icons
  [updated][app] CountUp new choices
  [updated][app] Fixed points with
  [updated][app] added 'momentDate' filter
  [updated] Fixed points with Datepicker place
  [updated] Fixed points with type components in card-fullscreen
  [updated] Fixed points with modal (boxed format)
  [updated] Updated choose factor types
  [updated][bower] chartist (0.9.5)
  [updated][bower] ckeditor (4.5.6)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.10.0)
  [updated][bower] d3 (3.5.12)
  [updated][bower] datatables (1.10.10)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.6.2)
  [updated][bower] fullcalendar (2.5.0)
  [updated][bower] hammerjs (2.0.6)
  [updated][bower] jquery.inputmask (3.2.5)
  [updated][bower] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.10)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1214)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.24.3)
  [updated][bower] screenfull (3.0.0)
  [updated][bower] tinymce (4.3.2)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.1)
  [updated][bower] maplace.js (0.2.5)
  [updated][bower] angular-animate (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-datatables (0.5.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.9)
  [updated][bower] angular-metrics-graphics (0.1.2)
  [updated][bower] angular-useful resource (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-sanitize (1.4.8)
  [updated][bower] angular-wizard (0.6.1)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.16.3)
  [updated][bower] oclazyload (1.0.9)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.2.0 (13.11.2015)
  [new] Issues List/Details web page
  [new] CRUD Table
  [updated] Sidebar Chat
  [updated] Top Menu Layout
  [updated] Cards Example
  [updated] Dropdowns instance
  [updated] Added "_" prefix to LESS information
  [updated] Added lightbox parts from uikit
  [updated][APP] Page preloader
  [updated][bower] angular-dragula (1.1.6)
  [updated][bower] angular-utils-pagination (0.9.2)
  [updated][bower] autosize (3.0.14)
  [updated][bower] clndr (1.3.14)
  [updated][bower] codemirror (5.8.0)
  [updated][bower] countUP.js (1.6.0)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] dragula.js (3.5.4)
  [updated][bower] jsdiff (2.2.0)
  [updated][bower] kendo-ui (2015.3.1111)
  [removed][bower] magnific-popup
  [updated][bower] metrics-graphics (2.7.0)
  [updated][bower] ngmap (1.14.9)
  [updated][bower] tablesorter (2.23.5)
  [updated][bower] uikit (2.23.0)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.1.0 (21.10.2015)
  [new] Blog List web page
  [new] Blog Article web page
  [new] Gallery web page
  [new] Pricing Tables web page
  [new] FAB Buttons web page (transitions)
  [new] Collapsible Panels web page
  [new] tinyMCE plugin
  [new] jsdiff plugin
  [new] Fullscreen plugin
  [new] Full Header format
  [new] Boxed format
  [new] Top menu
  [new] Color bars for playing cards
  [new] Right aspect icons on lists
  [updated][HTML] Dragula.js (3.5.2)
  [updated][APP] angualar-dragula(1.1.3)
  [updated] Added small tooltip
  [updated] Added warning colour to FAB
  [updated] Added tooltips to FAB
  [updated] Added choice to reinitailize selects (wizard instance)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v2.0.0 (29.09.2015)
  [new] AngularJS model
  [new] Long textual content in tooltips
  [updated] autosize (3.0.12)
  [updated] ckeditor (4.5.3)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.16)
  [updated] codemirror (5.7.0)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.9)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] handlebars (4.0.3)
  [updated] ion.rangeslider (2.1.1)
  [updated] jquery-mapael (1.1.0)
  [updated] jquery.precise (1.0.17)
  [updated] jquery.inputmask (3.2.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui (2015.2.902)
  [updated] tablesorter (2.23.4)
  [updated] uikit (2.22.0)
  [updated] waypoints (4.0.0)
  [updated] climate-icons (2.0.10)
  [bugs] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.3.0 (18.08.2015)
  [new] WYSIWYG Editor (forms_wysiwyg.html)
  [new] Tablesorter plugin (plugins_tablesorter.html)
  [new] Sortable plugin Dragula.js (components_sortable.html,page_scrum_board.html)
  [new] Tables Examples (components_tables_examples.html)
  [new] Tabable secondary sidebar (index.html)
  [updated] Changed kendoUI concentated js title (kendoui_custom.js;kendoui_custom.min.js)
  [updated] Added instance with multiline tolltip (components_tooltips.html)
  [updated] chartist (0.9.4)
  [updated] datatables (1.10.8)
  [updated] fullcalendar (2.4.0)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.805+SP1)
  [updated] marked (0.3.5)
  [updated] parsleyjs (2.1.3)
  [updated] climate-icons (2.0.1)
  [bug] Fixed hierarhical animation when there is just one factor
  [bug] Fixed nestable deal with element
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.2.0 (08.08.2015)
  [new] code editor with file enhancing (php) (page_code_editor.html)
  [new] chartist chart (plugins_charts.html)
  [new] model switcher with predefined themes
  [new] high menu
  [new] mini sidebar
  [new] materials design colours (components_colors.html)
  [new] typography instance web page (components_typography.php)
  [updated] foremost sidebar visible modifications (materials design)
  [updated] foremost scrollable space modified from #page_content to html (fastened some points with cellular gadgets and plugins)
  [bug] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.1.0 (28.07.2015)
  [new] chat web page (page_chat.html)
  [new] scrum board web page (page_scrum_board.html)
  [new] todo web page (page_todo.html)
  [new] type wizard (forms_wizard.html)
  [new] register type (login.html)
  [new] 'swipe to open' gesture added (foremost sidebar, contact gadgets, 2 fingers, left edge)
  [bug] fastened difficulty with customized scrollbars on mac os x [firefox]
  [bug] fastened focus error/success state for textual content inputs (focus) (forms_validation.html)
  [bug] added lacking kendoUI pictures (kendoui_*.html)
  [new] added alert information model (components_common.html)
  [updated] second (2.10.6)
  [updated] kendo-ui-core (2015.2.727)
  [updated] jquery.scrollbar (0.2.8)
  [updated] jquery.dotdotdot (1.7.4)
  [updated] ionrangeslider (2.0.12)
  [updated] clndr (1.2.15)
  [updated] FAB button animation when displaying choices (components_buttons.html)
  [updated] gulp duties (cleanup and minor modifications)
  [updateed] Minor enhancements and fixes (css/js)

// v1.0.0 (24.07.2015)
  Initial Release


Other Info

Avatars and Ecommerce pictures are usually not included in Altair bundle


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