Your Split Mind and Sub-Personalities Healed in Meditation in Raja Yoga the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Excerpt from Book Four – Kaivalya Pada, The Portion on Absoluteness tells us of the Sub-Personalities, The many artificially created minds and how one can take away them. How to return again to Oneness. How to change into Enlightened from 5000 Years of Spiritual Technology.

4.4. The stream of Energy in Meditation doesn’t straight trigger pure evolution; it simply removes the obstacles, the Energy Blockages and sub-personalities, as a farmer (removes the obstacles in a water course working in his discipline).

4.5. A Yogi’s egocentric egoity alone is the trigger of (different artificially) created minds.

When one thing dangerous occurs, notably after we are youngsters, the ache causes the ego thoughts to separate and a sub-personality interior youngster is created which egotistically, selfishly makes use of all the methods, The Poor Me, The Violator and the Selfish Competitive Star to GET WHAT IT WANTS!!

Meditation teaches how one can heal these egocentric ego minds by grounding their preliminary ache trigger and then we take up them again into the central soul stem. This central soul stem is the Strong One character, the Director of all of them. There can solely be One!!!

4. 6. Although the features in the many created minds might differ, the unique mind-stuff of the Yogi, the Soul, is the director of all of them.

This discovering the director, the Strong One Soul Personality, is one of the goals of Enlightenment.

As we evolve we naturally create robust sub personalities in our minds via the course of of splitting as a consequence of trauma as a baby.

Eventually we now have to combine these sub personalities again into the even stronger director, the soul which is greater than the thoughts. However, many individuals to date haven’t met the director and are evolving solely via the subpersonalities.

Thus, in Meditation, proper at the starting of your Energy Enhancement practices in Initiation 4 of Level One, we put you in contact along with your Soul.

This Initiation is most vital because it provides you the basis of your evolution.

Gautama Buddha stated he was there just for these few who had the chance of change, those that are soul linked. Those in whom the Soul is starting to heal and take up the egoistic sub-personalities, and abilities or psychic powers.

Eventually we change into one, when all the sub-personalities and abilities, psychic powers, are healed. All the historical detrimental vitality which is sure up in them is dissolved and they’re absorbed again into the central soul stem.

Then we now have Mastery of all of them, then we’re Enlightened.

This is Meditation Energy Enhancement!

Here we ask the Koan, which is a sacred query which might lead you to Enlightenment, “Who is in charge??”


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