Brahmaotsavam Festival at Tirupati and Its Spiritual Import

Brahmotsavam, the Hindu pageant, is an auspicious pageant celebrated yearly at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. According to legends the origin of this pageant is related to Lord Brahma. It is believed that after Lord Brahma worshiped Sri Balaji at the catchment space of the holy Pushkarini River to thank the Lord for fortification of mankind. The pageant derives its identify from Lord Brahma because it was Lord Brahma who first carried out this pageant at Tirupati temple.

“Brahmotsava” which accurately means “Brahma’s Utsavam”. The pageant is widely known with nice zeal throughout the month of October. The celebration of the Brahmostsava is carried out over nine-day interval. On the very first day of the pageant “Anurarpana” ritual is carried out together with the celebration of Shri Vishvaksena. The “Anurarpana” ritual signifies fertility, abundance and prosperity. During all 9 days of the pageant numerous spiritual actions like homas and day by day processions had been numerous idols of the god are taken out totally different chariots (vahanas) current within the temple.

Spiritual and symbolical import of Brahmotsavam:

The Oriental or Eastern mythological philosophy goals at full purification and sublimation of human existence: Ati vishwam shuddhodham parabhootah avgunam (The sole goal of human life is to evolve and get enlightenment and additionally purging the thoughts and physique of all vices and primary instincts).

In different phrases, the primary purpose is to discover one’s non secular anchorage on the earth which, within the phrases of Adi Shankara, is an illusion- Jagat mithya, Brahma satyam.

Symbolically talking, right here Brahma is not only the creator Brahma however the Brahmin (purest soul essence; nothing to do with Brahamin caste) in each particular person, no matter his/her social hierarchy. To realise that unadulterated Truth is the final word goal of each particular person. Delphi’s well-known ‘Know Thyself’ is nearly a plagiarised inspiration from Eastern Consciousness. Our spiritually enlightened ancestors understood it millenniums in the past and urged the world to comply with and imbibe this dictum in toto.

Importance of Brahmotsavam:

The significance of this pageant could be identified by the truth that yearly 1000’s of devotees flock in Andhra Pradesh to be the witness of this majestic pageant. They take pleasure in taking part within the numerous rituals carried out throughout the 9 days to hunt the blessing of Lord Venkateswara Swami. The devotes assimilated to participate within the auspicious pageant typically time period the expertise as a heavenly join and blissful (” Vaikunth Anubhav”). firstly Gurudadhwaja Festival is hosted close to Srivari Alaya Dhwajasthambham. Then a procession devoted to Lord Venkateshwara proceeds on Pedda Seshavahana and covers 4 streets of the temple. This goes on for 2 hours till midnight. During this pageant it’s believed that the mighty snake alters itself because the automobile for God. The most important purpose for celebrating TTD Brahmotsavam pageant is to hope to God for offering a life which is crammed with excessive values and morals.

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