Flatco – Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme

Flatco – Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme


We are Professional WordPress Development Team and focusing to assist our prospects and rising with collectively. Every assist and each themes are from our coronary heart and we’ll reply as quick as we are able to.

Our web page builder primarily based on lot’s of consumer expertise which has 28+ Shortcode primarily based parts. Every web page builder merchandise might be simply configurable and beautiful highly effective choices.

If you want our theme and assist Please Rate it 5 Stars Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 1Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 2Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 3Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 4Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 5

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 6  Bonus 15$ Layer Slider WordPress plugin.

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 7

Themewaves is without doubt one of the greatest creators of themes for WordPress on the market. No one comes near the dedication that they need to delivering superb themes and customization to suit your excellent wants. I might advocate Themewaves and any of their themes to anybody seeking to produce a top quality web site.

Wow! I’ve been engaged on my website with Flatco. I have to say that is certainly one of, if not, one of the best themes I’ve ever labored with! It’s extraordinarily simple to make use of too. Congratulations on this one guys.

Hi, properly I have to say thats the quickest response I’ve ever had from an creator and undoubtedly fills me with confidence from the off, Great assist!

This theme is completely Stunning. Your Page builder is so loopy and works excellent!
Highly really useful. Keep up good work. I’ll observe you and ready extra themes.

Amazing theme. I’ve already purchased one other one for my portfolio

I’ve now labored fairly a bit with you theme and web page builder and I have to say it is without doubt one of the greatest I’ve come throughout.

This theme is great. Thank you for importing.

I’m going to check it every now and then I inform you. But I’ve to be sincere, you’re doing an superior work with this theme. The assist is nice!

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 8

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 9

  • One Page in a position
  • Boxed And Fullwidth Layout
  • 100% Translate in a position
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • 300+ Fontawesome Icons
  • Unique Chart and Graph parts
  • Fixed Menu and Classic Menu
  • 15$ LayerSlider included
  • Dribbble Widget
  • Flickr Widget
  • Twitter New API Widget
  • Facebook Comment
  • 600+ Google Web Font
  • Social Sharing on Blog Single
  • 5 Custom Post Types
  • 9 Custom Post Formats
  • Breadcrumps
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Most superior Page Builder
  • 28 Page Builder Element
  • 23 Entering Animation for all Elements
  • Custom Template Save
  • Adding Unlimited Container
  • Parallax Container
  • Custom background for Container
  • Custom coloration for Container
  • Custom Pattern Container

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 10

  • Accordian
  • Blog
  • Carousel
  • Callout
  • Chart Circle
  • Chart Graph
  • Chart Pie
  • Column
  • Coming Soon
  • Content
  • Divider
  • List
  • Milestones
  • Message Box
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Sidebar
  • Slider
  • Tab
  • Testimonials
  • Toggle
  • Twitter
  • Video
  • Twitter Carousel
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Post Carousel
  • Partner Carousel

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 11

Purchased plugins

Portfolio Images from following Dribbbles


Demo pictures had been purchased from Photodune.web and Graphicriver.web it has not included to make use of it for our theme bought customers.

Flatco - Multipurpose & Responsive WordPress Theme - 12
ONE PAGE OPTION GUIDE > http://support.themewaves.com/knowledgebase/one-page-feature-guide/

= V4.8.5 - 23.01.2017 =

    FIXED: Widgets
    UPDATED : WP 5.0.3 Compatible

= V4.8.4 - 17.06.2017 =

    FIXED: Woocommerce Styling
    UPDATED: LayerSlider

= V4.8.3 - 10.03.2017 =

    ADDED: Theme Options Added Other Social
    FIXED: Closed Comment
    UPDATED: LayerSlider New model

= V4.8.2 - 13.12.2016 =
        UPDATED: One Page Highlight
        UPDATED: LayerSlider New model
        UPDATED: Sidebar Generator XSS vulnerability
        FIXED: Breadcrumb Home textual content

= V4.8 - 09.08.2016 =
        UPDATED: Translation recordsdata and Language POT
        UPDATED: LayerSlider New model

= V4.7 - 20.04.2016 =
        FIXED: Revolution Slider not Found bug
        FIXED: jQuery attribute not legitimate bug

= V4.6 - 07.01.2016 =
        ADDED: Team Column & Width Option Added

= V4.5 - 30.09.2015 =
        FIXED: Widgets
        UPDATED: Layerslider & TGM

= V4.4 - 19.08.2015 =
        FIXED: WP 4.3 Editor Bug
        UPDATED: Layerslider 5.5

= V4.3 - 17.06.2015 =
        FIXED: Version of PrettyPhoto Due to Exploit

= V4.2 - 11.06.2015 =
        UPDATED: TGM model
        UPDATED: Layerslider model
        FIXED: Wp Title Supports
        FIXED: Open Graph Meta
        FIXED: Balance Tag Issue

= V4.1 - 24.04.2015 =
        UPDATED: WP 4.2 Compatible
        FIXED: TGM Class Vulnerability
        FIXED: Admin CSS
        REMOVED: WP TITLE customise

= V4.0- 13.04.2015 =
        ADDED: Container has title choice
        FIXED: Pagination Problem Solved
        FIXED: BG video Mask bug
        FIXED: Pagebuilder Admin Modal
        FIXED: Theme Options Select Box bug
        FIXED: Pagebuilder Admin Expand

= V3.9- 03.04.2015 =
        UPDATED : FontSuperior New Version
        FIXED: Gravity Form Zindex
        FIXED: Pagebuilder Column Element Link BUG
        FIXED: MediaLibrary Search
        FIXED: One Page Menu Bug
        FIXED: Portfolio Breadcrumbs Issue
        FIXED: About me Social Icons

= V3.8- 01.14.2015 =
        UPDATED : WP autop on PBuilder
        FIXED : WP 4.1 PBuilder draggable
        FIXED : Custom Sidebar on Single
        FIXED : H1-H6 darkish CSS
        FIXED : Custom CSS

= V3.7- 10.31.2014 =
        UPDATED : Layer Slider Version
        FIXED : FontSuperior New Icons bug

= V3.6- 10.21.2014 =
        UPDATED : Layer Slider Version
        UPDATED : FontSuperior New Icons
        FIXED: Pagebuilder bug
        FIXED: Breadcrumbs on Woocomerce
        FIXED: Pagebuilder admin CSS
        REMOVED: Checking Option

= V3.5- 09.02.2014 =
        UPDATED : Layerslider Version

= V3.4- 08.01.2014 =
        ADDED : Portfolio added in Shortcodes
        FIXED : Search is extra pleasant
        FIXED : Password Required area
        FIXED : Paegbuilder Admin space little
        FIXED : Partner Carousel top bug
        FIXED : Updated Theme URI

= V3.3- 05.08.2014 =
        ADDED : More Animation added on Page Builder
        ADDED : Post single background picture choice
        FIXED : Tiny Mce bug
        FIXED : Script Tag on Column
        FIXED : WPML 3.1 bug
        FIXED : Trebuchet MS font
        FIXED : Pagebuilder Column css
        FIXED : Pagebuilder Link bug
        FIXED : Convert URL false

= V3.2- 04.18.2014 =
        UPDATED : WP 3.9 Compatible
        UPDATED : Tiny Mce Updated

= V3.1- 03.31.2014 =
        UPDATED: TGM Class
        UPDATED: Admin Post Search error
        UPDATED: Fontawesome and different slugs
        UPDATED: Layerslider Updated
        UPDATED: Logo show inline-block eliminated
        FIXED: Image Edit bug
        FIXED: Multiple Video Element bug
        FIXED: Home Pagination with Blog
        FIXED: Video Element some css

= V3.0- 03.03.2014 =
        ADDED: Animation Delay choice
        ADDED: Simple Icon Added 160+ on Font Icon
        ADDED: Google Map Page Builder Element
        ADDED: Container Video Option
        ADDED: Recent Portfolio Widget
        ADDED: Soundcloud Icon added on Team
        FIXED: Testimonial Arrow on IE11
        FIXED: Cart Widget Woocommerce

= V2.8- 02.10.2014 =
        FIXED: Twitter Bug
        FIXED: Breadcrumps "" eliminated
        FIXED: Gallery Images open with Lightbox all
        FIXED: Testimonials CSS
        FIXED: IE8 emblem BG and Menu margin
        FIXED: Quote Bug repaired
        FIXED: Comment row-fluid
        UPDATED: Publish & Upgrade

= V2.7- 01.13.2014 =
        FIXED: Content Lost on Page Builder
        FIXED: WooCommerce Search Issue
        UPDATED: LayerSlider 5.0.2
        UPDATED: WP 3.8 css

= V2.6 - 12.12.2013 =
        ADDED: Columm Shortcode Span2
        FIXED: Contact Widget mailto fastened
        FIXED: Search field padding on FF
        FIXED: Blog Size bug repaired
        FIXED: Fluid Video JS
        FIXED: Submenu RTL fastened
        FIXED: Some enter kinds
        FIXED: PageBuilder Template Save kinds
        UPDATED: Parallax now not works on Mobile
        UPDATED: LayerSlider 4.6.6 model
        UPDATED: Twitter textual content now has p tag

= V2.5 - 11.11.2013 =
        FIXED: Menu spotlight error
        FIXED: Mobile Menu Click on Tablet
        FIXED: One Page Home Upgrade
        FIXED: Portfolio on Tablets
        FIXED: Line Divider Fixed
        FIXED: LayerSlider replace concern
        UPDATED: Chart Description width
        UPDATED: All Post Type up to date
        ADDED: Post creator class added on Widget

= V2.4 - 11.05.2013 =
        FIXED: Menu Hover and present concern
        FIXED: Related Portfolio choice on theme choices
        UPDATED: ColorPicker area and z-index bug repaired
        ADDED: Chart Description
        ADDED: Add media Button on Column Element

= V2.3 - 10.31.2013 =
        FIXED: Template Save concern
        FIXED: Related Portfolio concern
        FIXED: PrettyPhoto concern
        UPDATED: LayerSlider 4.6.5 model
        ADDED: Wpml-config

= V2.2 - 10.22.2013 =
        FIXED: Safari Dropdown fastened
        FIXED: One Page Menu spotlight concern
        FIXED: Related Portfolio bug

= V2.1 - 10.14.2013 =
        ADDED: Column Shortcode Animation
        ADDED: Breadcrump Home Added
        FIXED: Menu Google Font concern
        FIXED: Gallery Image Width concern
        FIXED: Blog Isotope bug
        FIXED: Related Portfolio bug
        FIXED: RTL Arrow
        FIXED: Sidebar with out bug
        FIXED: Blog Excerpt bug
        FIXED: Live Preview
        UPDATED: Menu Color
        UPDATED: Menu Background clear
        UPDATED: TGM class to Hogash

= V2.0 - 09.21.2013 =
        ADDED: Nice Scrolling (Check the Theme Option)
        ADDED: Post and Twitter Translate Option
        ADDED: Team Title has Custom hyperlink choice
        ADDED: Post Carousel Read More textual content
        ADDED: Blog Grid Infinity Scroll
        FIXED: WooCommerce Padding and a few CSS bug
        FIXED: Twitter Carousel hyperlink concern
        FIXED: Blog Grid ReLayout concern
        FIXED: LayerSlider Video concern
        FIXED: One Page bug
        UPDATED: H2 to H1 type
        UPDATED: Responsive CSS
        UPDATED: Cart hidden on Mobile
        UPDATED: Empty ID attr no eliminated
        UPDATED: Partner hyperlink goal _blank
        UPDATED: Portfolio is added on Search Result

= V1.9 - 09.14.2013 =
        ADDED: Menu Choose choice for Page Settings
        FIXED: Video responsive background
        FIXED: Twitter Carousel Translate
        FIXED: Layer Slider Link Animation bug
        UPDATED: Language File
        UPDATED: Page Title h2 to h1

= V1.8 - 09.13.2013 =
        ADDED: Blog Masonry Layout
        ADDED: One Page choice for Container
        ADDED: Twitter Carousel Translate
        ADDED: Toggle Color
        ADDED: Post Carousel Excerpt
        FIXED: IE8 Logo

= V1.7 - 09.04.2013 =
        ADDED: WooCommerce plugin Compatible
        ADDED: BuddyPress plugin Compatible
        ADDED: WebInk plugin Compatible
        ADDED: Translate choice for Page Title (Save theme Options as soon as !)
        ADDED: Translate choice for Breadcrumb
        ADDED: Pretty Video on Portfolio
        ADDED: Post Carousel Same like Portfolio - Marin
        ADDED: RTL assist
        FIXED: Modal Close leaping bug
        FIXED: TwitterOAuth bug
        FIXED: All plugin set up bug
        FIXED: PrettyPhoto bug
        UPDATED: Portfolio, Portfolio Carousel reordered

= V1.6 - 08.23.2013 =
        ADDED: Translate Tab in Theme choice (Save as soon as your Theme Option)
        ADDED: Portfolio Favorites choice
        ADDED: Related Portfolio
        ADDED: SoundCloud Icon
        ADDED: MileStone Added Image choice
        ADDED: Portfolio assist Custom Fields
        ADDED: ChartGraph Added Height choice
        FIXED: Coming Soon
        FIXED: Header Z-Index elevated
        FIXED: Offset bug
        FIXED: Scrolling Logo bug
        FIXED: Mozilla PlaceHolder
        FIXED: Before After Image bug
        FIXED: Pricing desk class bug
        FIXED: Category record take away bug
        FIXED: Child Theme Style override bug
        FIXED: Responsive CallOut textual content
        FIXED: Divider low top bug
        FIXED: Author loop
        UPDATED: Menu Padding decreased on 979-1190 px on Responsive
        UPDATED: Team Column now Centered
        UPDATED: Portfolio Carousel (View Large textual content changeable)
        UPDATED: PageBuilder placeholder distinction low

= V1.5.1 - 08.07.2013 =
        FIXED: Mobile Bug
        FIXED: Header top bug
        UPDATED: Contact Widget

= V1.5 - 08.06.2013 =
        ADDED: Facebook and Twitter buttons added on Pretty Photo
        ADDED: Social Share buttons Portfolio Singles
        ADDED: Partner Carousel added on Shortcodes
        FIXED: WordPress 3.6 Colorpicker concern
        FIXED: Mobile menu Safari bug
        UPDATED: Logo BG coloration is crammed jQuery
        UPDATED: Header emblem span elevated
        UPDATED: WordPress Default Gallery

= V1.4 - 08.02.2013 =
        UPDATED: WordPress 3.6 Compatible
        UPDATED: Bulk_Upgrader_Skin -> WP_Upgrader_Skin
        FIXED: Fixed depricate cut up()
        FIXED: Non-static methodology sidebar_generator

= V1.3 - 08.01.2013 =
        ADDED: New Element referred to as Before & After (Check Homepage 8 )
        ADDED: Option for hiding Logo Background coloration
        ADDED: Team Description
        FIXED: WordPress 3.6 beta Modal Issue

= V1.2 - 07.26.2013 =
        ADDED: Top bar (Please allow this on Theme Options)
        ADDED: Top bar Widget(Helpful in WPML and many others)
        ADDED: Portfolio Single has now Title and Bg choices
        UPDATED: Now Plugins will probably be auto activated
        FIXED: Linkedin Description on Social

= V1.1 - 07.23.2013 =
        FIXED: Portfolio Like
        FIXED: Infinity scroll concern
        FIXED: 404 web page, Coming quickly Page on Responsive
        UPDATED: 1920+ Resolution our Logo background coloration
        UPDATED: Menu Stuck is now not appeared on Mobile

Thank you guys for rising with us. We actually recognize and Enjoy our theme  :)


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ECOBIZ –  Business WordPress Theme

ECOBIZ – Business WordPress Theme


ECOBIZ is clear,elegant and trendy company and enterprise PhrasePress theme that may be switched as eco/inexperienced enterprise and portfolio theme. There’s many web page templates accessible,6 pre-outlined skins, limitless colours, 3 slideshow varieties, customized publish kind for slideshow, portfolio, crew and testimonial, additionally you possibly can construct your content material simply utilizing pleasant shortcodes…

Please discover demo web site or comply with beneath options.

ECOBIZ options

  • 6 Pre-defined Skins (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Dark, Brown)
  • Unlimited bakckground coloration possibility
  • Many background patterns accessible
  • Custom background Image
  • WPML assist
  • Slideshow varieties
  • Google fonts
  • Elusive internet fonts
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Multi degree Dropdown Menu
  • Custom Post kind for slideshow, portfolio, crew and testimonial
  • Custom Page templates
  • User pleasant shortcodes
  • Translation prepared (accessible .po file)
  • Widgetable Sidebar Area
  • Widgetable Footer Area
  • Custom Widgets (Support for Multiple Instance Widget)
  • Built in Ajax Contact Form with validation
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Poweful Admin Theme Options, powered by redux framework
  • XML pattern information included
  • PSD Files included
  • Well Documented

Most of demo photos doesn’t included with theme bundle, it’s bought from photodune.web



3.3 Version (02/23/2016)

  • mounted sidebar concern for weblog/archive web page in cellular & Tablet units
  • mounted web site function field widget icon alignment

3.2 Version (12/19/2015)

  • mounted footer widget placeholder
  • mounted web site function field icon alignment
  • up to date .po file

3.1 Version (12/03/2015)

  • mounted sidebar alignment concern in Archive, Category and Single Post web page
  • mounted lacking Pricing Table menu in shortcode editor
  • mounted error message in search consequence web page
  • mounted portfolio merchandise slider concern
  • changed pages pagination with WP PageNavi plugin

3.0 Version (03/08/2015)

  • Fixed shortcodes menu concern PhrasePress editor
  • Added responsive format possibility
  • Added crew publish kind
  • Added testimonial publish kind
  • Added extra background patterns
  • Added WPML compability
  • Added Elusive icons pack
  • Added contact data in header part
  • Removed cufon and fonts library
  • Updated all theme recordsdata to accommodate PhrasePress newest options
  • Updated theme choices
  • Updated meta bins possibility
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated xml pattern information


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