Avant – Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin

Avant – Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3.3.2 Admin


Avant is a superbly coded totally featured admin panel theme able to be carried out within the again finish of your software, as an intranet theme, or your subsequent net software!

The theme is light-weight and responsive powered by the newest Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with a UX-pleasant clear and intuitive design that will get out of your manner in favour of substance.

With an prolonged variable.much less file you may customise the theme infinitely with out even touching a single line of code. There is a lot of plugins offered and already tailor-made in the direction of the theme in order that they mix in. A cellular first responsive method with off-canvas menu and contact assist makes the theme work superbly in a lot of display sizes – from good telephones and tablets, to giant screens.


We are dedicated in offering steady lengthy-time period assist and extra and extra new options can be launched in future releases. You are entitled to free obtain of all future updates from the primary buy! At current we’re offering common updates from the solutions taken from our clients.

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Avenxo - Clean and Responsive Angular and HTML Theme


  • Responsive design
  • Off-canvas menu at smaller screens
  • Bootstrap 3.3.2 Powered
  • Custom Tiles and Feed LESS element
  • Custom jQuery UI theme
  • Megamenu Support
  • jQuery Knob
  • X-Editable
  • pNotify
  • Sky Loader
  • Nestable Lists
  • Data Tables
  • editTable
  • Select2
  • Stepy Wizard
  • Parsley
  • jQuery Input Masks
  • jQuery Fullscreen Editor
  • jQuery File Upload
  • Dropzone File Upload
  • Google Maps
  • jqVector Maps
  • Morris.js
  • Chart.js
  • Sparklines
  • jQuery Pulsate
  • Flot
  • Full Calendar
  • CombineItUp
  • Font Awesome 4.3
  • Glyphicons


v1.4 – twenty fifth March 2015

Fixed a protracted-working bug that affected sidebars
Boxed Layout is now responsive in small screens
Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.2
Updated FontAwesome to 4.3.0

v1.3 – twenty eighth July 2014

Added Megamenu Support
Added New Button Styles: Focused Icon Buttons
Updated to Bootstrap 3.2
Updated to FontAwesome 4.1
Better IE7 Transparency Support
Minor bugfixes

v1.2.2 – fifteenth Feb 2014

Updated to Bootstrap 3.1

v1.2.1 – tenth Jan 2014

Added new plugin: Jasny File Input
Added new plugin: Bootbox
Added new plugin: Date Paginator
Added new plugin: Date Picker (changing jQueryUI Calendar)
Added new plugin: Tokenfield
Added new plugin: Bootstro.js
Added new plugin: jCrop

v1.2 – twenty eighth Nov 2013

Updated to newest Bootstrap
Improved assist for Horizontal Navigation
In small display sizes, the header goes to 2 strains as a substitute of logos being hid
Added new web page: Extras - Chat
Added new plugin: X-Editable
Added new plugin: jQuery Fullscreen Editor

v1.1.3 – 14th Nov 2013

Added new web page: Timeline
Added new web page: Invoice
Added new web page: Inbox
Added new web page: Profile
Added new web page: Sign up
Added new web page: Forgot Password
Added new web page: Registration
Panels now assist dropdown menu
Scrollbars on Messages and Notifciation dropdown

v1.1.2 – seventh Nov 2013

Improved Dashboard
Updated FontAwesome to 4.0.3
Added new web page: Tabs & Accordions
Added new plugin: jQuery Pulsate

v1.1.1 – third Nov 2013

Sidebar now fastened in cellular for simpler entry
Added new web page: Search

v1.1 – thirty first Oct 2013

Updated to FontAwesome 4.0.1
Two new Layouts: Fixed and Horizontal 2
Avant .much less information are actually separate from Bootstrap 3 much less information

v1.0 – thirtieth Oct 2013 – Initial Release


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Material Admin – Bootstrap HTML5 App

Material Admin – Bootstrap HTML5 App


Material Admin - Bootstrap HTML5 App - 1

Theme Features

Version 1.0.0

  • Responsive format (desktops, tablets, cell units)
  • Flat UI with clear model
  • Retina assist
  • Fixed / Static Topbar
  • Expandable Sidebar
  • Off-canvas left and proper
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.2
  • Material Design Iconic Font 1.1.1
  • Font Awesome 4.3.0
  • Skycons
  • Less information
  • 6 Colors themes
  • Tables:

    • Supports massive tables (dynamically masses information)
    • Scrollable tables
    • Responsive tables
    • Show / disguise columns
  • Forms:

    • Custom kind model
    • Inline editable parts
    • Advanced validation choices
    • Multi file add
    • WYSIWYG editors
    • Select with search
    • Multiple choose
    • Wizard
    • Tags enter
    • Custom slider
    • Datepicker
    • Colorpicker
    • Spinner
    • Rating enter
  • Pages:

    • Contact search
    • Contact particulars
    • Contact insert
    • Email pages
    • Search outcome pages
    • Blog
    • Pricing
    • Invoice
    • User profile
    • Custom error pages
    • Login web page
    • Locked display screen web page
  • Calendar with occasions
  • GMaps
  • Micro Templating
  • Line / Bar / Pie charts (Flot, Morris, Sparkline, Knob, Rickshaw)
  • Custom buttons
  • Bootstrap plugins
  • Notifications
  • Tooltips & popovers
  • Animations CSS3


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Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template


Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 1
Melon – a brand new premium flat & responsive Admin Template primarily based on Bootstrap 3 with very versatile content material construction. It is construct with fashionable strategies like HTML5 and CSS3 for use for backend options of any measurement. Melon is light-weight, quick and options an expandable set of parts appropriate for a lot of wants on a wide range of units. It has a clear, fashionable and intuitive design which makes your subsequent venture look superior and but user-friendly.

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 2 Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 3
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 4 Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 5
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 6
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 7

Unlimited Colors Possible

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 8

Unique Charts

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 9

Well Organized & Documented Code

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 10

Responsive Tables

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 11

Fullscreen Date- and Timepicker

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 12

Login-, Sign Up- and “Password Forgotten”-Pages

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 13
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 14

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Clean, fashionable, intuitive and totally responsive flat type design (works on all main browsers, tablets and telephones)
  • Build with legitimate HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • CSS constructed with LESS (LESS is included)
  • Fixed and Unfixed Header/ Sidebar
  • Show/ Hide/ Resize Sidebar
  • Two Sidebar Themes: Bright & Dark
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Icons
    • Font Awesome
    • Glyphicons
    • Fugue
  • Open Sans Google Font
  • Interface Elements
    • Sidebar Search
    • Project Switcher
    • Notifications
    • Modals (incl. Bootbox)
    • Progressbars
    • Alerts
    • Multiple Widget Layouts
    • Labels & Badges
    • Tooltips & Popovers
    • Date-, Time- and Colorpicker (incl. fullscreen Date- and Timepicker)
    • 7 Button Colors: gray, blue, cyan, inexperienced, yellow, purple, black
    • Mini-, Small-, Large- and Block-Buttons
    • Button Dropdown/-ups
    • Tabs (Box- and Inline Tabs (high, backside, left, proper) & Accordions
    • Sliders (jQuery UI and Circle Dials)
    • Nestable Lists
    • Styled Typography
  • Form Elements
    • Default textual content enter fields with placeholder, autofocus, on hover tooltip, learn solely, disabled, with most size and predefined worth
    • Textarea with fastened top, autogrowing and restricted/ counter function
    • Styled Dropdowns with Search
    • Spinner: easy quantity enter, decimal, forex, …
    • Styled Checkboxes and Radios
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Integrated Validation Engine
    • Horizontal & Vertical Forms
    • Masked Inputs
    • Dual List Boxes
  • Integrated Flot Charts
    • Lines
    • Bars (vertical and horizontal)
    • Pies
    • Auto Updating Charts
    • Chart Widgets
    • With Tooltips
  • Tables
    • Static Tables
    • Dynamic/ Managed Tables (InformationTables)
    • Responsive Tables
    • Striped, bordered, hoverable, condensed, checkable Tables
    • Tables with Footer and Pagination
  • Typography
    • Headings and Default CSS-Stylings
    • Left and Right Blockquotes
    • Emphasys Styles
    • List Styles
    • Horizontal & Vertical Descriptions
  • And far more…

Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 15
By buying this merchandise you get a lifetime of updates for my Admin Template (with none further price).
If you wish to see any new function in Melon, simply let me know and I’ll give my absolute best to incorporate your function within the subsequent replace.
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 16
I really like to listen to your suggestions and admire any feedback on my objects. Support for all my themes and templates is performed by my support forum.

Visit the Support Forums | Create an Account

Note: If you wish to fee this merchandise with lower than 5 stars, please contact me. I’ll attempt my finest to repair and replace all of your level of criticisms. Your contentment is essential for me!
Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template - 17
Version 2.0.0 (22 April 2014)

  • Features:
    • New: Updated to Bootstrap 3.1.1
    • New: Added ribbons
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed z-index difficulty from DatePicker
    • Form Wizard: It doesn’t validate the shape anymore, if clicked index from step buttons is decrease than lively index
    • Allow clearing select-box in a DataTable with ColumnFilter
    • Prevent toggling disabled checkbox if the ‘toggle all checkbox’ was clicked
    • Multiple Textareas with Character Counter are actually attainable on the identical web page
    • Styling for a Bootstrap 3 List-Group Inside a Boxed Widget With “no-padding”
    • Dual Lists weren’t submitting their worth (thanks syscover!)
    • Printed Pages from Firefox don’t have any borders anymore
    • Google Street View and zoom in/ out buttons are actually displaying appropriately in Google Maps Widgets
    • Fixed border from search at InformationTables in Internet Explorer 9

Version 1.2.0 (11 November 2013)

  • Features:
    • New: Form Wizard
    • New: 404 Error Page
    • New: Bootstrap Switch (“iOS checkboxes”)
    • InformationTables are actually supporting the ColumnFilter-plugin with using data-columnFilter=’’-attribute
    • Improved checkable InformationTables with pagination: Master toggle is now switching into the proper state when pagination was used
    • InformationTables can now be prolonged with a operate which you’ll set with data-dataTable-function=”” (thanks karlfalconer!)
    • Adding help for .table-vertical-align
    • Header Top Left Menu is now responsive and might be proven on telephones
  • Bugfixes:
    • Removed accents in filenames
    • Fixed sidebar with left whitespace after resizing the window when the sidebar was resized
    • Widget-header toolbar-buttons have been typically 1px too excessive in Firefox
    • Input-icons at login are actually hiding appropriately when switching to registering-tab
    • Bootbox doesn’t have double scrollbars anymore
    • Fixed jQuery Validation resetForm()-function
    • TableTools and ColVis can now be used collectively
    • Tabs inside tabs are actually attainable
    • Typing on focus at select2-boxes is now working in Chrome
    • Improved validation on vertical kinds

Version 1.1.0 (15 September 2013)

  • Features:
    • Login has now built-in validation
    • Full featured Google Maps Widgets
    • Zoomable Charts with Overview
    • “Display Length” from InformationTables can now configured by way of data-display-length=”10”-
    • attribute straight in HTML

    • Added Horizontal Scrolling instance and chance for data-horizontal-width=”150%”-
    • attribute

    • Added data-dataTable=”” attribute for InformationTables to set one thing like an ajax-
    • supply straight in HTML

    • Removed Underscore.js and switched to Lo-Dash (leading to sooner web page load)
    • Multiple Project Switcher are actually attainable
    • Added Slim Progress Bars (like on YouTube) for Ajax-Requests or similiar (utilizing nprogress)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Removed accents in filenames
      • property/img/icons/iconsweets/is2(white|darkish)/exposé.png to show.png
    • Added if-clause in app.js for $.cookie
    • Fixed displaying white house as an alternative of sidebar on Android-tablets (solely panorama) with Chrome
    • Headers from InformationTables on resize are actually aligning appropriately
    • Selects are actually styling appropriately with an ajax-source in InformationTables
    • Fixed some IE8-issues

Version 1.0.0 (3 September 2013)

  • Initial launch


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todo – Web Application and Admin Panel Template

todo – Web Application and Admin Panel Template


Todo is a totally responsive internet app / admin dashboard template.

WordPress Admin Theme


  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Flat ui with clear type
  • Many elements
  • Mobile widgets
  • Fully responsive
  • Web app layouts
  • Html5 Markup & CSS3
  • 2 runnable functions
  • 8 default colour palettes
  • Use much less, many variables you may config

Change log

v.2.0—10 July 15

  • replace to Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • replace prettyPhoto to v3.1.6

v.1.2.2—15 July 14

  • improve to Bootstrap 3.2
  • repair wizard bug

v.1.2.1—27 February 14

  • improve to Bootstrap 3.1
  • embrace open sans font
  • touchdown web page enchancment

v.1.2.0—3 December 13

  • replace to Fontawesome 4.0
  • add collapse nav
  • add php RESTful api for notes app
  • repair IE11 layouts and type wizard

v.1.1.1—16 October 13

  • enhancements on touchdown web page
  • add value desk on touchdown web page
  • add google map
  • add grasp web page
  • repair flex vbox and dashboard.html
  • repair Calendar on FF, static desk sorting
  • repair off display nav on Mobile

v.1.1.0—23 September 13

  • add contact portlet
  • add dashboard format possibility
  • add evaluation web page
  • add Chrome app pattern code
  • add Pjax, native img gallery pattern, field format.
  • repair datepicker, print and some enhancements.

v.1.0.3—11 September 13

  • add nestable record
  • add markdown
  • add mini calendar
  • add extra type samples
  • add dashboard-1.html view
  • add gallery.html view
  • repair type wizard, off display nav, fullscreen enter, flex vbox format on ie

v.1.0.2—3 September 13

  • add change
  • add wysiwyg
  • add pjax
  • add slimscroll
  • add extra widgets
  • add dashboard.html view
  • add weblog.html view
  • add bill.html view

v.1.0.1—28 August 13

  • add much less information, many variables you may config to construct your colours

v.1.0.0—27 August 13

  • Initial Release



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Foton – Software and App Landing Page Theme

Foton – Software and App Landing Page Theme


Foton - Software and App Landing Page Theme - 1
Foton - Software and App Landing Page Theme - 2

Get Foton right this moment and you’ll get hold of every little thing you should create a chopping-edge web site to your startup, SaaS, cell app enterprise, or app touchdown web page. It’s a theme effective-tuned to satisfy the wants of everybody within the software program business – from internet utility makers to digital businesses. Packed with an assortment totally adaptable templates to your startup, app touchdown web page, SaaS and all varieties of software program showcases, Foton makes positive that each facet of what you are promoting is roofed. Simply put Foton is simply excellent for any app touchdown web page, startup, software program, or cell app devoted web site. But, that’s not all – you possibly can construct your web site utilizing both Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder! Furthermore, the theme is full of highly effective tech weblog templates prepared shine.

Here’s a hyperlink should you want to view the Foton documentation.

If you’ve got any questions or want to be taught extra about Foton theme, we’ve compiled an enormous collection of helpful articles which you’ll be able to simply lookup over at our Knowledge Base.

In case you’ve got already bought Foton and you occur to have some questions on it, be happy to go to our Help Center the place our assist workforce will likely be greater than glad that will help you out.

Check out the Qode Video Tutorials the place you will discover step-by-step guides on tips on how to customise our themes to realize precisely what your web site wants.

Like our theme? Feel free to browse our different technology WordPress themes.

Foton Features

  • Highly Customizable
  • Extensive Admin Interface
  • Simple One-Click Import of Demo Content
  • No coding information required
  • Big customized shortcode assortment
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 9 fastidiously designed homepages
  • Collection of helpful internal pages
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin included ($26 worth)
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for WordPress included ($46 worth)
  • Portfolio List shortcode
  • Portfolio Category List shortcode
  • Portfolio Project Info shortcode
  • Portfolio Slider shortcode
  • Masonry Portfolio List
  • Gallery Portfolio List
  • Various Portfolio hover varieties
  • Various Portfolio Single layouts
  • Small Images Portfolio Single format
  • Images Portfolio Single format
  • Full Width Images Portfolio Single format
  • Small Slider Portfolio Single format
  • Slider Portfolio Single format
  • Gallery Portfolio Single format
  • Small Gallery Portfolio Single format
  • Masonry Portfolio Single format
  • Small Masonry Portfolio Single format
  • Custom Portfolio Single layouts
  • Parallax sections
  • Fullscreen possibility for parallax sections
  • Mega Menu
  • Customizable Google Maps
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Choose between 7 wonderful font icon units
  • Side Area
  • Three Side Area varieties
  • Twitter and Instagram social widgets
  • Social Icons Group widget
  • Social Icon widget
  • Product List shortcode
  • Product List – Simple shortcode
  • Product List – Carousel shortcode
  • Product Info shortcode
  • Twitter List shortcode
  • Instagram List shortcode
  • Call to Action shortcode
  • Item Showcase shortcode
  • Triple Frame Image Highlight shortcode
  • Process shortcode
  • Progress Bar shortcode
  • Social Share shortcode
  • Vertical Split Slider shortcode
  • Horizontal Layer Slider shortcode
  • Video Button shortcode
  • Animation Holder shortcode
  • Text Marquee Shortcode
  • Pricing desk shortcode
  • Comparison Pricing Table shirtcode
  • Team shortcode
  • Team Carousel shortcode
  • Accordion shortcode
  • Tabs shortcode
  • Anchor hyperlink performance for one web page websites
  • Video Background Sections
  • Background photos in sections
  • Multiple Flexible Header Types
  • Standard Header Type
  • Minimal Header Type
  • Vertical Header Type
  • Multiple header behaviors
  • Change header pores and skin from part to part
  • Separate logos for Regular, Sticky, and Mobile headers
  • Separate emblem variants for darkish and gentle header pores and skin
  • Upload totally different logos from web page to web page
  • Header Top space
  • Header Top and Header Bottom Widget areas
  • Style cell header individually
  • Highly customizable title space
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Mikado Search – Optional performance
  • 5 Search Bar varieties
  • Separate Footer Top and Footer Bottom areas
  • Customizable Footer Layout – as much as 4 columns in Footer Top space
  • Customizable Footer Layout – as much as 3 columns in Footer Bottom space
  • Regular and uncovering footer
  • Choose your grid dimension
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Custom Post Formats: Audio, Video, Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote
  • Multiple Blog List Layouts
  • Blog Masonry Layout
  • Blog Standard Layout
  • Blog List shortcode
  • Blog Slider shortcode
  • Optional social share performance
  • Testimonials
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Boxed format possibility
  • Back to Top button performance
  • Powerful typography choices
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Translation prepared
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • WPML Ready – Fully suitable with the WPML multilingual plugin – create multilingual web pages
  • RTL Ready – RTL languages assist
  • Dropdown Shop Cart widget
  • Contact Form 7 Integration

Update Log

Version 2.0 – December tenth, 2020

- Added photos licensed for digital use on web sites made with Foton theme
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 2.0
- Updated Foton Instagram Feed plugin to 2.0.2
- Updated Revolution Slider plugin to six.3.3
- Updated WPBakery Visual Composer plugin to six.4.2

Version 1.5.4 – October thirteenth, 2020

- Updated Foton Instagram Feed plugin to 2.0.1
- Updated Revolution Slider plugin to six.2.23
- Updated WPBakery Visual Composer plugin to six.4.1
- Fixed Instagram feed for enterprise accounts

Version 1.5.3 – September twenty fourth, 2020

- Updated Foton Instagram Feed plugin to 2.0

Version 1.5.2 – September 2nd, 2020

- Added WordPress 5.5 compatibility
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.3.2
- Updated Revolution Slider plugin to six.2.22
- Updated WPBakery Visual Composer plugin to six.3.0

Version 1.5.1 – June eleventh, 2020

- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.3.1
- Updated WPBakery Page Builder to six.2
- Updated Revolution Slider to six.2.12
- Improved demo content material import performance
- Improved WooCommerce amount enter subject

Version 1.5 – March twenty fifth, 2020

- Added WooCommerce 4.0.1 compatibility
- Added Elementor Admin Icons assist
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.3
- Updated Foton Instagram plugin to 1.1
- Updated Foton Twitter plugin to 1.1
- Updated WPBakery Page Builder to six.1
- Updated Revolution Slider to six.2.2

Version 1.4.2 – February 18th, 2020

- Added fundamental RTL stylization
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.2.1

Version 1.4.1 – January twenty third, 2020

- Fixed points with accordions
- Fixed points with Foton Core model

Version 1.4 – January sixteenth, 2020

- Added Elementor Page Builder compatibility
- Updated Revolution Slider to six.1.6
- Added Foton Dashboard
- Improved Import
- Improved Welcome Page
- Updated Foton Core on 1.2
- Changed Foton Options Position

Version 1.3 – October 1st, 2019

- Added WooCommerce 3.7.0 compatibility
- Updated WPBakery Page Builder to six.0.5
- Updated Revolution Slider to six.1.2
- Minor Improvements

Version 1.2 – July 4th, 2019

- Added WooCommerce 3.6.5 compatibility
- Updated WPBakery Page Builder to six.0.3

Version 1.1.1 – April twenty fourth, 2019

- Added WooCommerce 3.6.1 compatibility
- Improved theme information
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.1.1

Version 1.1 – March eleventh, 2019

- Added WooCommerce 3.5.6 compatibility
- Improved framework information
- Updated Foton Core plugin to 1.1
- Updated Visual Composer to five.7
- Updated Revolution Slider to five.4.8.3
- Updated pot file

Version 1.0.1 – August 2nd, 2018

- Improved cell header styling


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