The Female (*15*) Knees – 15 Rules For Knee Care

Knee accidents account for one-fourth of all sports activities accidents. After puberty, ladies have an general Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) knee damage threat of 1 in 50. In faculty, ladies are 3 occasions extra prone to endure an ACL damage compared to males. So, it is extremely essential for feminine athletes to take motion now to guard their knees. Whether you’re a walker, a aggressive athlete or a weekend cycler, the fundamental guidelines of knee care apply. They embrace strengthening muscular tissues, (particularly the hamstrings and glutes for ladies/ladies) growing flexibility, utilizing correct approach, trimming extra kilos and understanding when to extend or lower exercise that places stress on the knee. This article lists 15 methods to guard the knees and the joint construction together with offering primary workout routines for strengthening and stretching the physique’s largest joint and surrounding musculature.

15 Rules For Knee Care:

1. Train with a feminine particular, practical coaching program particularly for pivot sports activities.

2. Work with a energy coach that stays abreast on coaching points distinctive to the feminine athlete, particularly, ACL damage prevention methods.

3. Shed further kilos and preserve a really perfect physique weight. Each further pound you carry places 4 further kilos of strain in your knee if you stroll.

4. Check your posture. You might have kyphosis (rounded shoulders), lordosis (swayed again), scoliosis (curvature of the backbone), flat ft, or different postural issues that may have an effect on gait and put extra stress on the knees.

5. Train the core, the weakest hyperlink within the physique. Also prepare the again and hips so as to play in an athletic stance, the knee-defending place.

6. Prepare correctly in your sport. Start a energy and conditioning program 8-10 weeks earlier than your season or a brand new exercise. Make positive plyometrics and steadiness and agility coaching are part of your general program. Avoid actions comparable to full squats, the place the hips drop beneath the knees, downhill working and climbing stairs two at a time.

7. Learn easy methods to leap and land correctly. Jump straight as an arrow and land mild as a feather, toes to heels with hips, knees and ankles flexed. Maintain a straight again-impartial backbone place. Maintain chest over knees and knees over ft. Land on the ball of your foot and sink into your heel. Always carry out leap coaching workout routines on the correct floor, examples: land on mats or a wooden flooring.

8. Always pay attention to utilizing impeccable approach whereas coaching, particularly with leap coaching.

9. Train functionally for improved efficiency and damage prevention. Functional that means, closed chain (ft on the ground) actions that mimic the talents you’d use in your sport. Most of your coaching ought to be achieved off of train machines. Start with physique weight actions after which progress to exterior mild weight resistance workout routines. Once kind is mastered with primary practical coaching workout routines then progress to extra superior types of energy coaching, ex. utilizing heavier weights or coaching with the Olympic lifts.

10. Improve agility and response occasions. Women contract their muscular tissues slower than women and men take longer to generate most power. Train extra like tennis gamers. They keep in an athletic stance, they keep low and transfer with smaller, faster steps. They additionally know easy methods to cease, minimize, twist and switch. You do not see many feminine tennis gamers tearing their ACL.

11. Strengthen the hamstrings, not simply the quadriceps. The hamstrings (again of the thigh) are often weaker than the quads in feminine athletes. The hamstrings assist to stabilize the ACL and also can assist enhance ones vertical leap.

12. Guard towards overtraining and overuse. Avoid intensified or lengthened exercises over lengthy durations of time which create extra friction within the joint and improve threat of damage from overuse.

13. Minimize knee stress whereas biking. Make positive the seat of your bike is on the correct peak and keep away from excessive gears.

14. Check your athletic footwear. Worn out or improperly fitted footwear might put knees in danger. Outside of your exercises, keep away from carrying excessive heels frequently.

15. Seek alignment assist. Orthotics, customized-made foot helps, might assist appropriate foot or leg alignment issues.

Do workout routines that strengthen the knee Perform these workout routines to strengthen the muscular tissues (quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes) that assist stabilize and shield the knees:

1. Single-leg, one-quarter bends: Holding onto a wall, carry and lengthen one leg ahead, slowly decrease your self one quarter of the best way down by bending the opposite knee. Take the hip again as if to take a seat down in a chair. Hold for 5 seconds, slowly straighten up, repeat 10 occasions and swap legs.

2. Straight leg lifts: Lie on again, bend one knee with foot on flooring; slowly carry straight leg about 12 inches off the ground, holding hips, decrease again on flooring; maintain 5 seconds, then decrease slowly; repeat 10 occasions, then swap legs (add mild ankle weights if snug, keep away from this train when you’ve got again issues.)

3. Standing Squats: This train is confirmed to extend vertical leap and assist in making a co-contraction of the quadriceps and hamstrings. Stand with ft hip width aside. Descend right into a squat with hips transferring backward as if to take a seat in a chair. Knees ought to keep consistent with the ft, no “wobbly” knees. Avoid an extreme ahead bend, preserve chest up and look straight forward. It is essential to maintain the heels on the ground and do not let the knees protrude in entrance of the toes.

4. Lunges: Stand up-proper, ft collectively, fingers out to the perimeters. Take a cushty lunge ahead with one leg, preserve knee over the foot and behind the toes. Sit down within the lunge till knee of trailing leg virtually touches the ground.  Keep torso upright, chest up and chin up.  Push off heel of lead leg to stand up and step again to beginning place after which repeat motion with the opposite leg.

5. Stability ball leg curls: This train is nice for strengthening the hamstrings. Lie flat in your again on an train mat, with fingers and arm down at sides, put each heels instantly on high of a stability ball. Make positive the soundness ball suits your peak. Lift hips off the ground till physique types a straight line from head to ankles. Perform a leg curl, bringing ball into buttocks, return to beginning place after which repeat. Keep hips up the whole time for 12-15 repetitions. Do 1-3 units.

Stretches for the Quadriceps and Hamstrings:

1. Standing quad stretch: When standing upright, attain with proper hand and pull heel of proper foot up towards buttocks. Keep proper knee pointed straight down. Hold for 20-30 seconds, swap legs. No bouncing.

2. Standing hamstring stretch: Stand going through a exercise bench, put the heel of 1 leg on high of the bench. Keep each knees gentle, (slight knee bend). Bend at hip, preserve chest up and attain with each fingers to toes. Hold for 20-30 seconds, swap legs. No bouncing.

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